Problems with Norwegian search

  • John Morten

    John Morten - 2005-02-03

    Whenever I try to do a search for a Norwegian name which contain one of the characters  or  I do not get any results.

    From time to time I can have results when searching for single words with these characters, but I do not see a system to it.

    When I look at the representation of my data in the database using phpmyadmin, these special characters are written with "illegible" characters. On the web-GUI, everything works fine. I have therefore been wondering if the search program have to translate the input form the search field to the same representation as shown in the database in order to have hits with these characters.

    The speculation above is just that, speculation, but I cannot make it work.

    My configuration is 2.6.8-gentoo-r3, PHP 4.3.10, MySQL  4.0.22 and phpGedView 3.1

    John Morten

    • Arne Eckmann

      Arne Eckmann - 2005-02-08

      Hi John Morten,

      When you are using phpMyAdmin the encoding used by the user interface probably is no-iso-8859-1 and the encoding you use in PGV probably is the default UTF-8. This explains why the characters look illegible to you, but if you changed the encoding used by the phpMyAdmin userinterface to the no-utf-8 encoding, the same characters would look perfectly normal to you.

      I can confirm that in my PGV 3.2final the search on strings containing  also fails when searching is done from one of the general search boxes, but it works when the searching is done from a soundex box.

      Question is, if it wouldn't be better for you to report this error in the Help forum or in the bug-tracker.

      Best regards,

    • Geir H�kon Eikland

      Hi John Morten and Arne.

      I have changed the search syntax in db mode, - so this problem should now be fixed. - If not, let me know.

      Download the latest Function_db.php and Function.php from CVS.

      To get it work, you have to reimport your gedcoms (and update to 3.2.2 first...).

      Geir Hkon

    • Arne Eckmann

      Arne Eckmann - 2005-02-09

      Hi Geir Hkon,

      While you're at it, will you make sure that this find its way into the version 3.3alpha3?

      Best regards,

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2005-02-28

      The search function now works correctly in PGV 3.3.  Until a week ago (middle of February), it did NOT work.

      Until this morning (2005.02.27), the Soundex search didn't launch the Individual Details page correctly when there was only a single find, and it also didn't display any accented characters correctly.  I believe I fixed it.

      Gerry Kroll


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