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  • Wes Groleau

    Wes Groleau - 2010-06-07

    This is not a Spanish thing, but I noticed it in the Spanish help text.  In discussing how to enter places, the example is Salt Lake City, , Utah, USA which in Spanish is …EE.UU.

    But , don't we enter the country in Chapman code?  So maybe all the languages should still say USA and add a note saying why.

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2010-06-07

    Actually, it's "EE.UU.AA" because it's "Estados Unidos Americanos" and for Mexico we have "EE.UU.MM" because it's "Estados Unidos Mexicanos".

    There's provision for these alternate names in the "" file. 

    The idea is that, when we get around to it, PGV would use the information in all the "countries.xx.php" files to translate the country name in the database to a Chapman code (if not already a valid Chapman code) and then use the resultant Chapman code to arrive at the country name in the currently active page language so that the name could be displayed properly.

    Like this:
    DEU, Deutschland, Alemania, East Germany, West Germany, DDR, GDR, Deutsche Demokratische Republik -> DEU
    DEU -> Germany, Duitsland, Allemagne, Deutschland, Alemania, etc. according to the current page language

    The "DDR", etc. examples are in there because after German re-unification, the various different Germanys disappeared and we're left with just one country.  The "from" part of the translation would work the same way no matter what the current page language is, and no matter what the language of the entered country name is (even Hebrew, Russian, Greek, …) always assuming, of course, that the country name appears in one of the "countries.xx.php" files.  It would not be restricted to the set of languages currently actve on the site.

    I think you get the picture.  I still have to get around to implementing this in the form of a couple of functions that the main PGV code could then use.

  • Wes Groleau

    Wes Groleau - 2010-06-07

    Ah, so we can enter it however we wish?  Sometime in the foggy past, I read, or someone told me, that I had to enter the top level as a Chapman code and not as a "real" name.

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2010-06-07

    Yes, you can enter the country name in whatever language is appropriate.  You can use Chapman codes if you wish.  As long as the country name you enter exists in any countries.xx.php file, the "to Chapman" function should be able to derive the correct Chapman code.  Translating from a Chapman code to something meaningful in the current page language is trivial.

    Please note that this is not yet implemented (but it will be).

  • Wes Groleau

    Wes Groleau - 2010-06-08

    But I suppose it also matters what names are and aren't in the Google Maps module


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