Limitations to size of Helptext??????

  • Boudewijn Sjouke


    While enthousiastically producing helptexts I run into an error:
    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in D:\Data\gedviewcvs\languages\ on line 104
    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at D:\Data\gedviewcvs\languages\ in D:\Data\gedviewcvs\functions_print.php on line 651

    This occurs when I click "Help" on a screen, for which I produced a very large helptext.
    Is there a limitation in the size of helptexts, and if so, can they be extended easily?


    • Arne Eckmann

      Arne Eckmann - 2004-02-16

      Hi Boudewijn

      Does unescaped quotation marks exist inside the text ?

      Best regards,


      • Boudewijn Sjouke

        Hi Arne,
        After coming home I was able to check this out further:
        The helpfile was a mess. The text was truncated and other portions of text were inserted elswhere.
        Interesting was though, that the end of the truncated string looked like this: ..........zien:<br /><br />De knop \&quot;Kwartierstaat\&quot;;
        Perhaps it's a coincidence that a quote is missing, perhaps not.

        After manual repair the text displays (after clicking HELP) as should. But: in the language-editor the string only shows up to the point where it was truncated. When I edit the text though, the whole correct string is edited.
        After altering something in the text and saving it again, the langfile is messed up again.


        • Phantomas

          Phantomas - 2004-02-16

          Hi Boudewijn,

          would you please send me the whole text you wanted to add to the helptextfile by email?

          bye, Kurt

          • Boudewijn Sjouke

            Hi Kurt,

            I'll send you two files: one is the corrupted, the second one is the one I repaired manually. The last one contains the whole text I had typed in.


    • Phantomas

      Phantomas - 2004-02-16

      Problem solved...

      Boudewijn had just added more text to a message than I tought someone would ever do :-)

      In v3.x the max. length of a line inside a language file to be edited by the language editor will be 6144 chars!

      If someone with an older version has that problem too he/she needs to edit the following lines inside "editlang_functions.php":

      Search for the string "1024". It is inside the function:




      $line = fgets($fp, (4 * 1024));

      Just rise (4 * 1024) to (6 * 1024) or (8 * 1024) if you need :-)

      The limitations should be your free memory on your server and the size of your language files ;-)

      bye, Kurt

      • Boudewijn Sjouke

        Hi Kurt,

        Thanks for the great (realtime) support! Fine job again!



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