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Tecnical question, norwegian lang.

  • bjørn gjervik

    bjørn gjervik - 2009-09-05


    Take a look on these to pages. Look at the place of birth.

    This is on the same server. Why do the letters get mixed up in PhpGedView ??
    Can I do somthing about it??

    • patricksorensen

      patricksorensen - 2009-09-05

      Looks like a problem with UTF-8...

      Check your settings for UTF-8 use in your files

    • Greg Roach

      Greg Roach - 2009-09-05

      Your first link has a header indicating latin (extended ascii) character encoding, and contains what appear to be valid latin characters.

      Your second link has a header indicating UTF8 character encoding - but doesn't contain UTF8 characters.

      My guess is that you have converted from latin->utf8 more than once, or changed your database collation settings.

    • bjørn gjervik

      bjørn gjervik - 2009-09-05

      Thank You.
      That solved the problem. I just have to remember to export gedcom in UTF8, so PhpGedView don't have to translate it.


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