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  • OcTweak

    OcTweak - 2006-03-29

    I would like to contribute to the project as a translator. How can I find out who is responsible for Portuguese-Brazil translation ?

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2006-03-30

      Nobody is actively translating English to Portuguese.

      If you plan to do any work in this area, please consider working on the language files for PGV version 4.0 beta6.  Version 3.3.x is no longer being worked on -- only significant bugs will be repaired.

      Is there a reason why we need to differentiate between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese?  Surely the languages are sufficiently similar that we can just call them "Portuguese".

      You can configure PhpGedView to show any flag you wish, with any language.  Therefore, the "Portuguese" language can be represented by the flags of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, .... under the control of the site administrator.

      • OcTweak

        OcTweak - 2006-03-30

        I'm translating version 4 beta 6 and I also have some Brazil maps working too.
        >>Is there a reason why we need to differentiate between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese?<<
        If the translation is done to brazilian portuguese, the answer is no. 8-)
        After I finish translating, whom should I contact and submit the maps and files translated?

        • Gerry Kroll

          Gerry Kroll - 2006-03-30


          I did not expect you to start a Portuguese translation from the beginning.  I expected you to work with what's already been done in Brazilian Portuguese.

          The reason for my question was simply that I wanted to be sure that it was OK to call your work "Portuguese" after it was completed.  We have a similar issue with "Spanish" and "South American Spanish".  I don't think we need both, but which of the two is better?

          When you're finished, you can send the files to me, at  
          g dot kroll at keldine dot ca
          and I'll look after naming them properly and then getting them into the system and posting them as patch files.  Be sure to list your name in the comments block at the beginning of each file.  That's the only way you'll be certain to get credit for your work.

          You do not need to wait until everything is translated, before you send the files to me.  You can start with translating facts.en.php and lang.en.php. 

          When these are done, send them to me.  PGV will then be usable in Portuguese, but without complete Help text. 

          help_text.en.php should be done after that, and configure_help.en.php last.  Translation of countries.en.php can be done as time permits.  Not all PGV languages have this file.  In fact, I believe I could do that one for you, since I have a complete list of country names in 15 different languages. 

          If you have a map of Brazil with its administrative regions, you can send that to me, and I can look after producing the necessary text, images, and HTML for inclusion in the places directory of PhpGedView.  Likewise, if you also have more detailed maps of each administrative region, you can send them to me too. 

          • OcTweak

            OcTweak - 2006-03-30

            -Although brazilian portuguese and potuguese are very similar, they get quite different specially for new tecnology where there were no word before. Brazilian portuguese is strongly influenced by USA and Portugal by Europe. Anyway, if there is a portuguese translation, it will minimize the work to adapt it for others "portuguese" countries.
            -I started the translation from the existent pt-br files I found in languages. Do you know if Mauricio, the author of this translation, is still around? I will add my name after his.
            -I will keep you update with my translation progress.
            -One more thing. The use of prepostions in Portuguese,like in others latin languages, depends on the gender of the word. Which forum is the right forum to suggest that Places has a field to indicate it's gender?

            • Gerry Kroll

              Gerry Kroll - 2006-03-30

              I haven't heard of or from Mauricio in a long time.

              Use your own judgement, regarding which version of a given term to use.  Since most modern computer terms originated in the USA, I'd vote for the Brazil version when there's doubt.  I don't think it will matter much:  whatever term you choose should be understood by anybody who knows the language.

              I don't think you will need to use prepositions in the "Country" or "Places" list.  These lists are used to determine a Chapman country code, so that location information in your database can be translated according to the language actually being used to view the PhpGedView pages.

              I'm not so sure that this automatic translation of location information is fully implemented, but that's the final goal.

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2006-04-01

      I believe Ricardo56 had been planning to work on the Portuguese-Brazil translation, and then ran into some trouble that we couldn't diagnose.

      I would suggest that you send him a message.  It would be unfortunate if you two were to work on the same things.  It's happened in the Danish and the Slovak language files. 

      A little co-operation and good communication among the translators will make the job MUCH easier.

      • OcTweak

        OcTweak - 2006-04-01

        I just sent an email to Ricardo56 telling him what I have done so far.

        • Rodolfo Rodrigues

          Ôpa! Eaí octweak...

          Conforme o tópico original do Menegazzo, eu havia começado a revisar a pack-language dele e realmente, fiz alguma modificações e tradução novas mas numa versão 3.x... Tenho os arquivos aqui comigo.

          Podemos nos organizar melhor, e terminar de uma vez por todos uma versão completo do Brazilian-Pack-Language... :)

          • OcTweak

            OcTweak - 2006-04-26


            Comecei a utilizar o PHPGedView na versão 4.0 beta 6 e foi baseado nos aqruivos que vieram nesta versão é que dei continuidade ao trabalho de tradução.
            Tudo que já traduzi, enviei para o Gerry e está disponível no CVS.
            Além de traduzir também limpei os arquivos pt-br, excluindo todas as variáveis que não aparecem no inglês.
            Falta terminar a tradução do arquivo configure_help e help_text.
            Qual sua sugestão para dividirmos o trabalho que ainda resta ?

            • Rodolfo Rodrigues

              Recomecei com a v4.0b6 também e tentei dar alguns retoques. Estava fazendo via o PGV mas demora demais... Da outra vez, estava fazendo diretamente com o arquivo de texto no bloco de notas mas pela minha falta de experiência não tive sucesso para hora de passar para UTF-9.
              Como você está fazendo?

              Não estou com tanto tempo livre mas podemos dividir um arquivo para cada um. Posso começar com o help_text.pt-br.php (já tenho o countries.pt-br.php parcialmente traduzido)

              • OcTweak

                OcTweak - 2006-04-26

                Acho que eu não me expliquei direito.
                O countries, lang e o facts estão prontos, basta baixar o beta 7 ou pegar do CVS.
                O config e o help eu já iniciei mas tem muito trabalho pela frente.
                Para traduzir utilizo o próprio PHPGedView sem recarregar a página a cada tradução e não exibindo os já traduzidos. Não tenho tido problema com lentidão.

                • Rodolfo Rodrigues

                  Então passe-me um deles (config ou help) para mim dar uma mão (ou eles estão no CVS também)?

                  • OcTweak

                    OcTweak - 2006-04-27


                    Faz uns 2 dias que enviei uma cópia atualizada de todos os arquivos pt-br para o Gerry. Acredito que já devam estar disponíveis no CVS.


    • Larry Landen

      Larry Landen - 2008-06-11

      I downloaded PGV-Languages-4.1.5.zip from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=55456 but now I don't know how to "install" it.  Please help.
      If I transfer the files to my server via FTP {mydomain.com/phpgedview} where do I put them?  Or do I just put them at the "root" level under the folder phpgedview?
      I already went into admin->configuration and made sure the check mark is selected for Portuguese (Brazil).  Is there anything else I will need?
      A drop-down list appears for public site visitors to select the language but it doesn't appear in Portuguese.  Site visitors in Brazil who already have accounts on my site tell me their pages (even when logged in) do not appear in Portuguese.  Please help.

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2008-06-11

      You can simply download the file PGV-Languages-4.1.5.zip, unzip it into a temporary directory on your local PC, and then copy the contents of that temporary directory into the "languages" directory within your PhpGedView installation on the server.


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