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Hungarian specialities

  • István Pető

    István Pető - 2004-04-20


    I have a problem with transalting certain facts to Hungarian properly... The fact is that the order in certain terms in Hungarian is just the opposite of the ones in English. For example:
    - in English: about 1800 / before 1800 / between 1800 and 1810
    - in Hungarian: 1800 krl / 1800 előtt / 1800 s 1810 kztt

    So my questions would be: Are there similar issues in other languages too?  If yes, how did you solve them?
    Would it be possible to handle such kind of situations with PGV in the future? (e.g. with am If... Then branching and language checking for these 'converse' expressions)


    • John Finlay

      John Finlay - 2004-04-20

      In most instances to handle these special cases we put codes in the language files.  So about 1800 in the English language file should be "about #DATE#" and in the Hungarian language file "#DATE# krl".

      Dates are more complicated though and most other languages where this is an issue, developers who are familiar with those languages have added custom date functions to do the translations.  I imagine that we would probably need to do the same with Hungarian.


    • István Pető

      István Pető - 2005-01-13


      Well, to tell the truth I don't really know how the proper "workflow" of the creation of these codes looks... Being a translator is it allowed me to define them? And where (in which file) should be these codes put?

      And I found several other cases when they would be needed. For example in the Indi's List page the English version is 'Total individual xx' but the appropriate Hungarian version would be 'xx szemly'. I can remove this problem with 'Szemlyek: xx' but it's not the best solution, since the same variable is in the Family List too and there the exppression looks a bit odd: 'Szemlyek: ‏(csaldnv: B) xx' (becouse of the colon)

      Colons cause many other minor issues btw., so I don't like them so much... :) For example the proper display of the basic facts in pedigree tree would be 'Szletett: xx.xx.xx' (in English: 'Birth xx.xx.xx' but the appropriate meaning of this Hungarian expression is 'He/she was born: xx.xx.xx'). But users can add new facts e.g. in the Calendar pages (choosing them from a drop-down list) and there the 'Szletett:' term looks really weird with the colon (plus maybe an other Hungarian word would be better there)



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