Translation to a new language

  • Mitar Miric

    Mitar Miric - 2008-07-22

    I'd like to know more about translating PGV to a non-english language. First of all how big is the job of translating it to another language? How many words we are talking about? Version updates, and so on. Is any writen resource on the translation available on the PGV site or here?

    • Marek Zielinski

      Marek Zielinski - 2008-07-24


      I would start with the Wiki articles:

      You will find files in English that need translation, and you can judge how much work is involved. Usually you need to know the context, and PGV has a tool to reveal the strings used in context, to help in translation.

      Good luck


    • Mitar Miric

      Mitar Miric - 2008-08-18

      I finally managed to start work on this project. I d/l from my installation file "includes/lang_settings_std.php" i started editing it by replacing all instances from Vietnamese to Serbian. Since Serbian has two alphabets (Latin and Cyrillic) it should be figured out how to handle it. Below is my suggestion:

      //-- settings for serbian latin
      $language_settings['serbian latin']=array(
      'pgv_langname'=>'serbian latin',

      //-- settings for serbian cyrillic
      $language_settings['serbian cyrillic']=array(
      'pgv_langname'=>'serbian cyrillic',

      It would be helpful if somebody from the team of developers in charge for translations gives me his/her suggestions on this.

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2008-08-19

      You will need to set up two different languages, one for Serbian-Cyrillic, and the other for Serbian-Latin.  We can work out which language code to use for which alphabet later (it's not important right now).

      I hope you won't find this to be too much work!

    • Mitar Miric

      Mitar Miric - 2008-08-19

      We will see how this will go. I'll start with Serbian-Latin first.


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