translation error in googlemap in french

  • jfagene

    jfagene - 2007-01-05


    sorry if it is not the good thread, but i don't find where to put it !

    there is an error of translation in the google map module :

    for the page :
    editer les coordonnees d'un lieu : /phpGedview-4.0.2/module.php?mod=googlemap&pgvaction=places&level=0

    there is : ajouter un kieu , and correct is : ajouter un lieu !



    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2007-01-05

      Thank you.

      The proper place to put this is the "Bugs" forum under the "Tracker" heading.

      This error does not exist in GoogleMap that is part of PhpGedView version 4.1 beta 3 (the SVN version).

      You can correct this error for your site:
      Edit file "googlemap/languages/".  This file is in UTF-8 code, saved without the ByteOrderMark (BOM) that identifies it as UTF-8.  This means that some text editors will show very strange character sequences wherever accented French letters occur.  This is OK -- do not try to correct these "errors".

      When you save the file, be sure to save it as either UTF-8 without BOM, or as ASCII.  If you save this file as normal UTF-8 (with BOM), you will see error messages about headers already having been sent when you open any GoogleMap page in French.

      DO NOT USE NOTEPAD TO EDIT THIS FILE.  Notepad recognizes the file as UTF-8 without BOM, but when you save the file, it will add the BOM automatically.  (You have no control over this action.)

      You can use Wordpad.  If you plan to do a lot of editing, you may want to consider Crimson Editor:  The most recent version is 3.70.  The author has not made any updates since 2004 and is not answering e-mails.

    • Anonymous - 2007-01-11

      I don't think any versions have been released yet. I see they have recently appointed a new team leader, so perhaps there has been a problem.



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