BAPM vs. CHR (español)

  • Wes Groleau

    Wes Groleau - 2010-05-31

    Baptism and Christening are the same thing for most religious groups.  BUT, since there are two separate tags, isn't there any reasonable way to distinguish in Spanish?

  • Julio Sánchez Fernández

    It is hopeless.  There is no way to say in Spanish "christening".  There is "cristianar" but its use is exotic and most speakers would not understand the intended meaning.  Essentially, the chosen translation is the best choice in a Catholic context even if it creates the ambiguity with BAPM.  If your world is different, you may want something different.  But I hatve not found an alternative.  PAF uses "Bautismo infantil" that is not only very weird, but does not really solve the problem either because CHR needs not be a baptism, just the ceremony of name-giving.

    There is no arrangement that can satisfy everyone.


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