Dutch translation for 4.0 stable

  • Borksoft

    Borksoft - 2006-06-21

    I have uploaded a lang.nl.php file into the patches section. It contains the translation for 4.0 stable. It was created using the built-in language file editor.

    This is my first try at translating for PGV. Please have a look, and send me any comments you have. The file is not (yet) uploaded to SVN. This will be done after the first review.

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2006-06-26

      I've corrected a few minor errors and uploaded your file to CVS and to SVN.  Thank you.

      The errors I corrected were:
      1. $pgv_lang["with"] = "met";

      2. In one place, "pagiona" should have been "pagina"

      3. "Zoekmachine Spin Gedetecteerd" was changed to "Zoekmachine gedetecteerd"

      4. "Zoekmachine Spin" was changed to "Zoekmachine"

      5. ">>" was changed to ">>"

      6. "<<" was changed to "&lt;&lt;"

      7. The test for file "languages/lang.nl.extra.php"  was moved to the end of the file, just in front of the "?>"

      Explanation about 3 and 4:  "Spin" ("spider") is redundant.  We're talking about search engines in general.

      Explanation about 5 and 6:  This change is required for proper XHTML compliance.  All "<" and ">" that do not enclose HTML tags should be represented by their symbolic equivalents.

      Explanation about 7:  The "extra" file is intended to let site administrators supply their own site-specific translations for all standard language variables (in addition to any variables that don't already exist).  This means that the "extra" file must be loaded last, otherwise any variables that are defined after the "extra" file is loaded can't be changed by the contents of the "extra" file.

      I notice that the language file occasionally forms plurals by adding "'s" to the end of the word.  For example, "pagina" and "pagina's".  Is this correct?

      • Borksoft

        Borksoft - 2006-06-26

        All remarks are correct.
        I used the term spider to stay in line with the english file, but the more generic seachengine is clearer.
        I should have known about the "<" and ">" :-(
        The plural form 's is correct.
        Thanks for uploading.


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