Who's coordinating the English version?

  • Mark Hattam

    Mark Hattam - 2005-02-20

    Thinking of some incorrect English text strings such as these in 3.2.2a (release)

    line 90 of configure_help.en.php
    "If you are done configuring your site ..."
    should be
    "If you have finished configuring your site ...

    line 336 of configure_help.en.php
    should be

    variously, "Email" appears midway through a sentence, often interchangeably with "email". Current usage is "email", ie not capitalising the first letter.

    Shall we standardise on  "phpGedView" ... currently there are also  PHPGedView  PhpGedView phpgedview variants in configure_help.en.php

    line 332 of configure_help.en.php
    should be

    line 618 of lang.en.php
    line 67 of help_text.en.php
    lines 226-227 of help_text.en.php
    and more ... search files for " he "
    Are all Administrators male?

    lines 202-206 of lang.en.php
    Are all people male?
    again search the files for " his "

    line 260 of help_text.en.php
    "loggin" should be "login"

    Do we standardise on GEDCOM, or Gedcom or gedcom?



    • Patrik Hansson

      Patrik Hansson - 2005-02-21

      Standardising of the english file would be nice if someone got the time to do that. The swedish language do not use all capital letters in words and it makes it harder to translate as we dont write words as GEDCOM file as seperate words it becomes one word GEDCOMfil whick you can't write it looks to ugly. Then we have to write the hyphen GEDCOM-fil otherwise it is Gedcomfil thatis the correct way to write it.



    • John Finlay

      John Finlay - 2005-02-22

      PhpGedView should be written as PhpGedView.

      I think that the all-caps version of GEDCOM, though the most correct, draws too much attention to it.  So in the past I proposed using Gedcom when talking about Gedcom files or Gedcom records.  I think that it should remain all caps GEDCOM when talking about the GEDCOM specification.

      Gerry (canajun2eh) is currently working on cleaning up the English files for the 3.3 release.


    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2005-02-28

      John's right, I will be starting on this very soon.

      I've also been testing the CVS version of PGV 3.3, fixing bugs as I can, installing others (laugh here), implementing a few new features, and generally making a nuisance of myself.

      The last task I've set myself is to make the special characters input accessible from the Search page as it is on the Edit Individual page.  One more day of playing with that, and then it's on to the English files.

      I do not intend to implement anything formal as far as updates to the English files are concerned: everybody can make changes.  I'll monitor the changes and anything that needs tidying WILL be tidied up.  That might not happen immediately, but it WILL happen.

      KDIFF3 is a great program for identifying differences between two or three similar files.

      Gerry Kroll (in Canada)

      Personal e-mail:  g.kroll@keldine.ca
      I can't respond directly to emails that originate from SourceForge.  The responses get rejected by SourceForge; it doesn't like my mail server.


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