Plurals in Dutch

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2005-02-20

    While wading through the Language files, I noticed that plurals seem to be improperly formed in the Dutch language files.

    For example, "pages" appears as "pagina's".

    The question is, is this correct in Dutch, or has it crept into the language through common usage?  You see it all over the place in the Netherlands, but to foreign eyes (mine) it just doesn't look right.

    Please guide me.

    Gerry Kroll (canajun2eh)

    • Boudewijn Sjouke

      Hi Gerry,

      Also see John's postings about the Danish language files, a while back. If you don't know the language yourself, you have to rely on others.
      I think you can be pretty sure that all translations for all languages are done according to spelling and grammar rules which are standard in the countries concerned.
      I also think that the translations for other languages may even be better than the english files, because they are maintained by one person, leading to a more consistent style of writing the text. I'm not sure if this is the case for english too.

      Best regards,


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