Gedcom keywords in PGV messages

  • Christophe B.

    Christophe B. - 2004-11-10

    Hil all,

    In the french language files for 3.2b6, I have made some changes to highlight (upper case) Gedcom keywords in some PGV messages.

    Ex on individual page :
    "Aucune SOURce lie  cet INDIvidu."

    In english it would give :
    "There are no SOURce citations for this INDIvidual."

    For people who can "read" Gedcom, it can be helpful.
    But for others ? Is it confusing ?

    What do you think ?

    • John Finlay

      John Finlay - 2004-11-12

      I think that this would be too confusing.  Most users cannot read gedcom.


    • Roland Dalmulder

      In my opinion, it is a bad idea. It makes the flow of the sentences disturbed and many people will not even know why it is in capitals and confuse it with bad typing.

      That is what I think.



    • Christophe B.

      Christophe B. - 2004-11-12

      I agree that it might be confusing.
      Rolling back.



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