Version 3.0 Translations

  • John Finlay

    John Finlay - 2004-03-14

    Today I released version 3.0 beta 4.  This is expected to be the final beta of version 3.0 before the final is released.  The final will be released in two weeks.  I do not expect that there will be further changes to the language files between now and the final version 3.0 release.  Translators should work with the text in this beta release so that they can have their translations ready before the final is released.


    • Jans

      Jans - 2004-03-14

      Since the Help text is not completely finished for all subjects, there will be some additions during the coming week.

      The already existing help text will remain as it is, apart from the var's that say "Sorry etc....."

      Another exceptions might be if the help text has to be changed because of a last minute change (bug etc.)

      So, I would say continue with the translatiations, but check again to see whether there are additions.



    • Jans

      Jans - 2004-03-16

      Today I have changed the Help text of the "Welcome Page".

      The var $pgv_lang["index_help"] needs the most attention.
      All other var's concerning "The Header" have been changed. Mainly this is to put it in better English, so your translations are not much affected.
      At the beginning of the contents of those var's I changed the tags. So that will be probably the only things that you have to change.

      However, read the English text again and check your translation.

      Recently from the lang.en.php, I removed from text of some var's the colon ':'
      This is not done without reason.
      If you don't remove those colons, you may see colons on places where you don't want to have them.

    • Jan Hapala

      Jan Hapala - 2004-03-16

      Hello, I had PhpGedView v. 2.65.3, then I downloaded 3b and started to complete the translation. I found out that some items e.g. in lang file were not included in the changelog, another ones should have been added but I did not find them in the English file! So what si wrong. I can post the list of the items; now I am dealing with help file as the last one.

    • Jans

      Jans - 2004-03-16

      Hi Jan,

      The last month, and special the last weeks, things changed from day to day.

      Specially the help text files are behind the program developement. We try to keep up and text is added almost every day.
      I am aware that that also reflects on the translators, but that is how it is at the moment.

      As with almost all projects: one does not wait until the last moment to start with documentation and help files, but mostly those items are the last to finish.

      The best advice I can give you at this moment, is to check the cvs on daily basis.

      It is also possible that some entries are not made properly in the language change_log.
      You may mail the list to me directly (you can click my name on top of this posting). I will compare it with the language change_log.


    • Jans

      Jans - 2004-03-18

      Hi Jan,

      I received your list and added the items to the language change_log.


    • Jan Hapala

      Jan Hapala - 2004-03-18

      I am doing help_text. In changelog there are some entries with * which I had not found in the old file, but finally I found them (the text) but under another array index. The text is the same.

      If it is so, I would appreciate if there were comments in changelog that there is no change in the message, just change of the "variable" - in future. Example:
      $pgv_lang["anniversaries_help"] - in old file
      $pgv_lang["help_calendar.php"] - in new one

      Thanks ;)

    • Jans

      Jans - 2004-03-18

      Hi Jan,

      As posted before, the last month there been a lot of changes.
      Version 3.0 will be the first release with help on all pages.
      When we stared with the help files, at the beginning of the year, we were not sure yet how it would develope.
      At the beginning we had a lot of help text with other variables included (nested var's).

      1. We decided to let that system go and make the text shorter (we still have nested var's, but far less).
      2. Also we have a help menu now, which we did not have in the beginning.

      Those two items had a result that some text had to move to other variables.

      As for your remark about the language change log:
      When you look at the previous releases, you see that there were only the entries of the var's in the log. No dates and/or remarks.

      Now we make remarks or add dates to it, when we feel the need.


    • Geir H�kon Eikland

      The time for release of 3.0 final is coming closer...?

      There have been a lot of changes and additions to the language files. There are new ones almost every day...

      It would be nice if the translators can get a 24 hour limit warning before the 3.0 final will be released. At the time of warning, the text should be closed for 3.0, so we have time to upload the most up to date (release) translation.

      Geir Hkon

      • John Finlay

        John Finlay - 2004-03-29

        I will keep you updated on the status of the final release and I will give you more than 24 hours to do the translation.

        The current status is that tomorrow there will be a beta 6 released.  And the hope is that the final can be released within a week 2 at the most.


        • Peter Pluntke

          Peter Pluntke - 2004-03-29


          As I will be very busy within the next 3 weeks, I ask you to also have a look on the german files. I will try to translate as often as possible, but maybe less frequent than the last time. So if you would please check just before release of 3.0 final, if there's anything left to be done in the german files....


          • Phantomas

            Phantomas - 2004-03-31

            Helllo Peter...

            I will ;-)

    • István Pető

      István Pető - 2004-04-03

      Hopefully I can update the hungarian lang-files (mainly and for v3.0 in this weekend...

    • Christophe B.

      Christophe B. - 2004-04-04

      I'm working on the french translation for 3.0
      Does anybody can give a deadline for uploading the files ?

      • Boudewijn Sjouke

        Hi Christophe,

        There is a planning stating that the 3.0 final will be released about next weekend, but I'm not sure if that's a certain deadline.
        If you send your files before that time, they will be included in the release. If you don't make it before the release, no harm done, they can be made available by a patch.

        Thanks for your contribution!


    • Jan Hapala

      Jan Hapala - 2004-04-15

      By chance, I found three items in (my Czech) help file which had been changed in the English file but not in my Czech one.
      I had a look at lang. changelog and those items were written there but about one month ago. I suppose they may have been changed again but not added to changelog. Or I just omitted them... They are:



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