Slovenian Translation now available

Greg Roach
  • Greg Roach

    Greg Roach - 2009-01-07

    I have just added Slovenian language files to SVN.

    These were provided by Leon Kos (oleon @ sourceforge).

    Thank-you, Leon.

    • Leon Kos

      Leon Kos - 2009-01-07

      There are still some untranslated areas in the Admin, Configure help and Research Assistant that will be translated by my wife in a week or so. So please leave untranslated text there until then.

      Help, some modules  are still waiting translation force.
      I've tried  Google translation aid and found it as insufficient for the job.
      Slovenian seems to be to hard for a machine.

      Any suggestion on the Slovenian translation is welcome of course.


    • Meliza Amity

      Meliza Amity - 2009-01-19

      I carried out some punbb testing in Slovanian.
      It seems to work.

      I think that you should define the lang_direction as 'ltr'.
      The $locales of the other languages are not UTF-8.


    • Meliza Amity

      Meliza Amity - 2009-01-20

      Corrected in SVN 4851


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