Estonian language

  • Sipsik

    Sipsik - 2006-09-05


    I have partly translated phpGedView into Estonian. I have translated only lang and facts files and not completely.

    User who has viewer rights, meets English text rarely, on the site. Help text is exception, of course.

    Could it be helpful to post the files here? And how?

    • KosherJava

      KosherJava - 2006-09-05

      Even a partially translated language is useful. Please post them in the patches section at

      • Gerry Kroll

        Gerry Kroll - 2006-09-05

        To implement Estonian, even partially, we also need to know what the language configuration should be.

        Please indicate the correct date format, whether family names are always stated before given names (like Hungarian), what the correct alphabet is (in the proper sorting sequence), whether the language has any multi-letter sequences that should be treated as single letters, and whether accents on letters are ignored when sorting.  We also need to know the correct name of Estonian, expressed in Estonian.  Use Lithuanian or Hungarian as an example of what is required.

        You can, if you wish, provide a copy of the language configuration file that correctly implements Estonian.

    • Sipsik

      Sipsik - 2006-09-05

      Thank you for your response. I uploaded the language files as proposed, and try to create configuration file for upload ASAP.

    • Sipsik

      Sipsik - 2006-09-05

      Language settings are added too.


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