Jans - 2004-03-22

Hi all,

As discussed in this and other forums, we have a separate module to glue blocks of text together.

In this case, I am talking about the help text files.

As you know we have page help and contextual help.

We also have a menu option Help Contents.
Specially for that Help Contents I use blocks of help text that are used for page help or contextual help, or both.

That is why I want to emphasize again that you should not translate too freely.
Keep in mind that the text that you are translating can be use somewhere else as well.

It will not be used in a different context.
But specially take care that you are not adding parts (that might be fine for a page, or contextual help), that would not be right if you use it in a different order.

The same also for leaving parts away.

If you think that a certain text is not enough, or maybe too much, we can talk about that and change the original text.

I have checked some tranlations.
Some parts of the text are (almost) translated word by word.
Other parts of text have got a different meaning.

It is up to you, how to translate, of course.

Specially now that the help text for the end-users (your visitors) is as good as finished, I start putting blocks of text together.
Since it is taken out of the language modules, it has nothing to do with translations.

So, maybe it's a good idea to use the Help Contents from the menu (btw the Help Contents is now sorted per language) and check whether your help text still looks all right when you click an item from the Contents list.