Translation features

  • idvp

    idvp - 2009-09-27

    The translation tool of the phpGedView is a very smart and rare feature. But i think it could be further improved in relation to Google translation.

    1. Google translation to be put in the box for manual editing.
    2. Link or button "Reset" to be added to every item.
    3. Link or button "Save" to be added to every item.
    4. The link at the bottom of the page to have label sounding - not all records will be automatically translated and saved.

    So all items will appear in editable, Google assisted way. Very handy, i think.
    Thanks for the gкeat job done about phpGedView.

  • idvp

    idvp - 2009-09-27

    And two more features would be handy:

    1. Link/button "Insert untranslated text to all items".
    2. Link/button "Insert untranslated text to all untranslated items".

    to assist using custom translation tools.

  • idvp

    idvp - 2009-09-27

    The link at the bottom of the page to have label **"Save Changes"**.
    The option to **import translations** from a file would be very handy for localization.

  • idvp

    idvp - 2009-09-27

    Module translation assistance would be helpful.

  • idvp

    idvp - 2009-09-28

    The feature to Google translate to be available even for translated items.
    Damn lang files are very big. More than 670 kilobytes with modules!

  • Ezz

    Ezz - 2009-09-29

    Thanks! It only took a few days to code and I hope it helps some people to figure where to start. It wasn't intended to give perfect translations and it probably doesn't do a good job most of the time since automatic translation is very hard.

    It seems you need to refresh the page before you can click on an automatic translation to edit manually… I think this used to work when i wrote it last year… probably quite easy to fix for someone who knows how the back end works.

    For uncommited changes you can click Cancel to reset. If you want to clear only the automatic translations it's probably a big change since the fact it is an automatic translation is not stored anywhere.

    When you click Google translate if you look closely, there's a Commit link next to a translation that lets you save it immediately.

    What I have described is in the latest code tree, not sure if we're looking at the same version - you should mention which version you're using.


  • maheshwar k

    maheshwar k - 2009-10-13

    I did not get how to apply this patch. Can you please explain? I am using latest phpgedview 4.2.2
    Also I am looking for something where, one click will do all translation from  google translate than click on every string.
    I am looking for one click should do all machine translation and then I can review and fix all translated strings.
    Thanks for all help.


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