How to change marriage status facts?

  • Fieke

    Fieke - 2007-01-28


    $factarray["_STAT"] is what can be translated and it already is, in Dutch. (huwelijksstatus) But what is NOT translated, is the output phpGedView gives me.

    Like this:
    Marriage Status: MARRIED (english) should become
    Huwelijksstatus: GETROUWD (dutch) but in fact, that's not what happens. Instead, I get Huwelijksstatus: MARRIED. Which I don't want.

    Where do I change this? I can't find it and I have searched ALL the files one can translate via the language translation thingy in phpGedView. As far as I can see, this MARRIED thing isn't in any of them.

    Please help? If this can't be done, I would like to know of a way to completely avoid the marriage status showing up, if that's possible.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    • Greg Roach

      Greg Roach - 2007-01-28

      You can't find the "married" text in PGV, because it isn't there.

      Your gedcom contains something like:

      0 @F1@ FAM
      1 MARR
      2 _STAT married

      _STAT is the tag/label, which can be translated.

      The text that follows is "gedcom data", and I believe this needs to be stored in English for interoperability, just like dates.

      Fixing this would require a code change, as we'd need to take the keyword that appears after _STAT and look it up in a table when viewing/editing the data.

      • Fieke

        Fieke - 2007-01-29

        Thanks for explaining....would there be a way to avoid it to appear at all?

        It (the _STAT tag) really doesn't add much, I case a MARR tag exists, of course people are married otherwise there wouldn't be a MARR tag. In case they are divorced, I always add that fact separately, so it is obvious they are no longer married.


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