[4.1.4] fr trans for $pgv_lang["mygedview_log

  • Andre Vanderlynden

    For variable $pgv_lang["mygedview_login_help"] in help_text.fr.php,

    "In order to access the #pgv_lang[mygedview]# page, ...."

    is translated

    "Pour accéder au portail «Mon Gedview», "

    when it should be

    "Pour accéder au portail «#pgv_lang[mygedview]#», "

    I guess it should be changed in original language file rather than in extra.

    if this place is the right place to warn about translation purposes ?


    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2008-07-08

      Yes, you can point out errors in translation here, or you can submit the actual corrected file in the Patches section.

      In order to minimise the amount of "noise" in the forum, please don't start a new topic for each correction.  Instead, try to collect as many corrections into one message as possible, and add new messages to the existing topic whenever possible.

      Please note that we're currently working on getting version 4.1.6 ready for release, so any corrections you point out will only be made to this version and not to version 4.1.4.  You should upgrade to version 4.1.6 as soon as possible after it has been released.


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