Hungarian - Magyar

  • Hrotkó Gábor

    Hrotkó Gábor - 2007-09-20


    I started the Hungarian translation. I have finished with . I need help with the other files. If somebody has time for it I would respect it.

    Magyarok előnyben :-)


    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2007-09-21

      Send a message to imzsa (Imre)

    • Greg Roach

      Greg Roach - 2007-09-22

      I think his ID is spelt imsza

    • Im

      Im - 2007-09-22


      You found me :)

      Which files you need some help with?


    • Ferenc Kurucz

      Ferenc Kurucz - 2007-12-02

      I made a few corrections to Hungarian translation, how or where to can I send those files?
      Szóval kijavítottam pár hibát és szeretném beküldeni a jó változatot, de nem tudom hogy megy ez.
      Ferenc Kurucz

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2007-12-04

      Create a ZIP file, which you can then post in the "Patches" section.  You can also send the file to me by e-mail, and I'll look after uploading it to the SVN repository.

    • Greg Roach

      Greg Roach - 2007-12-06

      $pgv_lang["welcome_text_auth_mode_2"] contains "<center>...<center>" instead of "<center>...</center>"

      • Gerry Kroll

        Gerry Kroll - 2007-12-07

        Fixed in SVN 2386.

        You forgot to mention that most of the HU files had "<br/>" where these should have been  "<br />". 

    • Hrotkó Gábor

      Hrotkó Gábor - 2008-03-03


      I have translated some lang files (maybe 90% finished) and merged translation by Thuma Gábor.

      Uploaded to patches:

      I have found a bug:

      In hungarian we dont use this form: "Edit sex", our translation is not word by word "Szerkesztés nem", but "Nem szerkesztése", so it should be separated.

      line 577
      $submenu = new Menu($pgv_lang["edit"]." ".$pgv_lang["sex"]);


      • Gerry Kroll

        Gerry Kroll - 2008-03-03

        I won't have a chance to look at this until this coming week-end.

        In general, we don't like to assemble phrases from individual words.  Instead, the complete phrase should be in the language files.

        I'll see what can be done quickly, since we're considering releasing version 4.1.4 at the end of next week.


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