Dutch Language updates version 4.1 to 4.2

  • Jan van Tiggelen

    After running into a lot of untranslated fields in PGV 4.2, I've started investigating what the actual 'gap' in translation was. As it turns out, there's very inconsistent updates to the translation between version 4.1 and 4.2.

    So I'm now working on updating translation for all PGV files through versions 4.1.0, 4.1.1 ... 4.2.0. Started with the lang.nl.php, as this is the main front-end translation and is facing most visitors.

    Who wants to join me in this translation effort!?

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2009-02-16

      I think you would be wise to begin by adding all of the missing language variables first.  In this regard, the "lang.nl.php", "facts.nl.php", "editor.nl.php" and "admin.nl.php" files are the most important.

      I can provide you with a set of Dutch language files that clearly indicate which variables are missing.

      After you have entered the missing ones, you can consider making changes to the remainder so that the text is similar to the English meaning.

      I don't write or speak Dutch, but I can read it (my first language is German, but since I live in Canada, I have used English just about all the time for the last 55 years).

      If you need advice on the precise meaning of English text, you should look at German first, and then if there are still questions, you can ask me or other developers.  Smetimes, the german text is MUCH clearer than the English.

      Please remember that you're NOT expected to translate English text word-for-word.  It's more important to make the meaning clear.

    • Jans

      Jans - 2009-02-18

      Hi Jan,

      I have posted un updated lang.nl.php in  the patches tracker.
      You can download it from there.


    • Jan van Tiggelen

      Thanks for your advisory Gerry.
      In past projects, I've done multiple translation projects, and I try to use translation tools, such as DejaVu to support me on that. It also helps in making the translations a lot more consistent.

      So far I've only done lang.nl.php (thanks Jans!) and admin.nl.php yet - Due to the huge backlog in the Dutch files, it's a project that might take a while.
      But anyway... getting there! :)

    • Karl Lovink

      Karl Lovink - 2009-03-14


      I will help you to update the duch language files.


    • Alain Claessens

      Alain Claessens - 2009-05-15


      I would be glad to lend a hand with the translations.



  • Jans

    Jans - 2010-03-25


    The major Dutch have been updated and put in the patches area.
    I have not included the help files yet.
    Still working on those.



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