What are _MARNM and _STAT?

  • Boudewijn Sjouke

    Hi all,

    A while ago the custom facts _MARNM and _STAT are added to the english factsfile. Now I want to translate their description, but that is difficult not knowing where they are used for.
    Can one of you give an explanation for these facts?

    Also I would like to ask you to do that for all custom facts added in the future, as it's easy to find out what a GEDCOM standard fact is, but not what is meant by a certain custom fact.

    Thank you,

    • Peter Pluntke

      Peter Pluntke - 2004-03-10

      Hello Boudewijn,

      I've added the _STAT fact.
      That's from "ages"-software and describes the marriage status.
      It can have the following values: married, unmarried, unknown.


      • Boudewijn Sjouke

        Hi Peter,

        Thanks for the explanation.
        Is _MARNM the surname of the wife in marriage, like her husbands surname?


    • Meliza Amity

      Meliza Amity - 2004-06-01

      I fill the married name in PAF and it creates _MARNM into the gedcom.

      I fill the surnames of the woman's husbands (or the husband's wife) in slahes and separated by commas.

      Someone might fill here a full name (as the person was known while married).

      The field is useful in showing in a PGV search result the wife with the husband and children.


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