"Tag" individuals in photos

  • kyle775

    kyle775 - 2009-02-25

    I have seen this feature in other web albums online... its a picture of more than one person, i can select an anrea of the photo and note who it is by linking to that individuals id.  facebook does this.
    this would be useful for me... since i would not need to crop images or write out descriptions for each person in an image explaining who it is in which location of the picture.
    does PGV do this?  i cant figure it out.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2009-02-25

      No PGV doesn't do this.

      I recall there might be an existing Feature Request for it. You should check the Feature Request area here (Under Tracker in the menu above) and add it if you can't find it.

    • Gerwin van Doorn

      Sounds like a great feature (like in facebook)

    • Stew Stronski

      Stew Stronski - 2009-02-26

      All it is is image-mapping, which is fairly basic html. It's a nice feature but it is by no means easier to use than writing a short note for the image saying who/where/etc. You still have to select the area, then input the information and a link when you do image mapping.

    • kyle775

      kyle775 - 2009-02-26

      I would suggest that all you need is the link to an Individual number thats all.  I select this person, begin typing thier name and a dynamic autocompleting list appears... i click on the person.
      For me this would be much faster than typing out notes on each person.
      It also avoids confusion when looking at a group of people... their face is actually clickable link to their individual record.

      Its good to hear that this should be easy to implement.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2009-02-26

      <<Its good to hear that this should be easy to implement.>>

      "Easy" is a million miles from "likely to be implemented". I can't see this being any sort of priority for the VERY small development team - unless someone who wants it can first create it.

      Even less likely to happen if you don't raise a feature request for it.

    • kyle775

      kyle775 - 2009-02-26

      ok, I understand.

    • Stephen Arnold

      Stephen Arnold - 2009-02-27

      Just a comment - please take it as advice from a long time participant. The HELP forum is intended for just that - helping resolve problems with the installation or use of existing features of PGV.  The RFE tracker for well-thought-out enhancements to future releases of PGV. The Open Discussions forum for just that - unstructured discussions about PGV, past - current and future.
      For instance, TAGGING would perhaps have started in the Open Forum and then, if you received enough positive feedback or a volunteer to help program it, then the RFE and assignment to the 'volunteer'.

    • kyle775

      kyle775 - 2009-02-27

      I see.... i think my thread(s) started out ask questions for help finding the feature...
      Perhaps you are right they should all be moved to open discussion.

  • Irene Eng

    Irene Eng - 2011-04-07

    Any answers?  Thanks ..


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