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  • Helen Castle

    Helen Castle - 2011-11-26

    Hi there - I used PHPGedView a couple of years ago for a while and it worked fine.

    Now I am trying to set it up again on my own Windows Home Server and just cant make it run.

    I sent an email to the webmaster that bounced - is anyone still using and maintaining PHPGedView?

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2011-11-26

    First - a lesson in forum etiquette. This (and most similar) forum is designed to be a knowledge resource for those requiring assistance with the installation and maintenance of PGV. To fulfill this mission, the thread titles must be ON TOPIC and descriptive of the question being asked, and there should be one question per thread.

    Second - the answer to your subject question (which had nothing to do with your real question) is self-answered and evident if you simply look at the forum topics and thread themselves. Has there been recent posts and prompt answers? YES

    Now, as to installation on Windows Home Server. Sure it is possible, although more common to use a XAMMP-type support software rather than trying to properly install and configure all the components necessary to run a web server on your windows machine - current versions of an http server (Apache?), MySQL and PHP, and all the various extentions required.

    If you have already successfully done so, you may not have set up a mail server or your home Internet provider does not allow you to run a mail server or they don't allow Port 25 and you will have to configure a different port. Also, you don't state if you configured an account for the webmaster, nor that you have used a valid domain or proper settings.  With worms and virii rampant, many ISP's highly restrict localized mail servers.  I can't answer more on the mail question without knowing more about your configuration, how far you got and your settings.

    Please start a new thread rather than continue this one, as it will never fulfill its purpose as structured. Ask ONE question with a proper, pertinent subject, and supply as much as possible about what you've done, how you got there, and what you expected.


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