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Greg Roach
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  • Greg Roach

    Greg Roach - 2008-12-03

    Now that PGV is officially PHP5 only, we need to agree on which minimum version of PHP5 we will support.

    A lot of features were added and bugs were fixed in 5.1 and 5.2, and it will save problems later if we can agree on a minimum.

    5.2.3 is a common minimum, adopted by lots of applications.

    How many people have servers with a lower version of PHP5 than this?
    How many of these can't get their server upgraded (i.e. stubborn ISP, etc.)

    • Brian Holland

      Brian Holland - 2008-12-03


      1. On my live ISP svn site php is at 5.2.2
          I have asked the question when is the next upgrade, and to what, but am awaiting their reply.

      2. On my test site (local XAMPP server ) php is at 5.2.0.
          I can upgrade this with the latest XAMPP 1.6.8, which brings PHP to 5.2.6 which I think I should do anyway.
          On this local server I have:
               a)  A 4.1.6 released site here for debugging purposes.
               b)  I plan to add a second site locally with svn, which could then subsequently feed my live ISP svn site.


    • Ian

      Ian - 2008-12-03


      I am on  PHP version 5.2.5

      I have no control over the upgrade.

      Just an FYI

      • John Slee

        John Slee - 2008-12-03

        PHP 5.2.5 here too - on Heart Internet.

    • KosherJava

      KosherJava - 2008-12-03

      I am on 5.2.6

    • macalter

      macalter - 2008-12-03

      I just verified with Dreamhost and they run 5.2.3

      It's not fair Greg to say "can't get...": it's not necessrily relunctance that hosts don't. I'm very happy Dreamhost plan, they notify users and minimize disruption. And, they do it in stages so if there's problems, not all their servers are affected. And in my terminology, I distinguish between ISP and web hosts: there's a bit more hope for web hosts than ISPs.

      Plus I've seen other apps that state they run better on PHP 4.x! (Current recommendation)

    • Mitar Miric

      Mitar Miric - 2008-12-03

      5.2.6 here.

    • Marshall

      Marshall - 2008-12-03

      Running Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and I update daily via stable repositories.
      I'm at PHP 5.2.4

      Not sure about the windows side, but most recent linux distributions should be similar as long as they keep them updated regularly.


    • tthdoc

      tthdoc - 2008-12-03

      PHP 5.2.6 here on Bluehost.


    • Łukasz Wileński

      PHP Version 5.2.6

    • KosherJava

      KosherJava - 2008-12-03

      I just looked at the release dates for PHP 5 from . 5.2.3 was released on 31-May-2007, making it over a year and a half ago.

      Version 5.2.6 - 01-May-2008
      Version 5.2.5 - 08-November-2007
      Version 5.2.4 - 30-August-2007
      Version 5.2.3 - 31-May-2007
      Version 5.2.2 - 03-May-2007
      Version 5.2.1 - 08-Feb-2007
      Version 5.2.0 - 02-Nov-2006
      Version 5.1.6 - 24-Aug-2006
      Version 5.1.5 - 17-Aug-2006
      Version 5.1.4 - 04-May-2006
      Version 5.1.3 - 02-May-2006
      Version 5.1.2 - 12-Jan-2006
      Version 5.1.1 - 28-Nov-2005
      Version 5.1.0 - 24-Nov-2005

    • Mark Hattam

      Mark Hattam - 2008-12-03

      Pair Networks have 5.2.6 with MySQL 5.0.67 (albeit with the 5.0.41 client API in php) and Apache 2.2.10

      At home where I test things out
      XP  - php 5.2.6 (using pre-built Windows binary download from
      OSX - php 5.2.6 built from source using MacPorts

      Also ... is MySQL 5.1.30 now their GA release, or is it still 5.0.67 ... or do they have two GA releases?


      • Greg Roach

        Greg Roach - 2008-12-03

        <<is MySQL 5.1.30 now their GA release, or is it still 5.0.67>>

        Apparantly the MySQL development team didn't want to release 5.1 just yet, as there were a number of outstanding critial bugs.
        However, the management decided it was time for 5.1, so a GA release was made.

        I'm sticking with 5.0 for the time being.

    • Anonymous - 2008-12-03

      I'm on PHP 5.2.5. My web host tends to wait some months before upgrading, but can be persuaded to go early if it's critical.

    • graeme

      graeme - 2008-12-03

      My ISP is still using 5.2.0. I don't know that it will be very easy to arrange an update to a more current version.

    • Stew Stronski

      Stew Stronski - 2008-12-03

      I have 5.2.6
      Should probably be a minimum of 5.2.3 I guess. There were some fairly important upgrades to that point. Not sure about the later minor releases.

      It's not like anyone will have to upgrade immediately to use 4.2 anyway unless they are running svn.

    • KosherJava

      KosherJava - 2008-12-04

      True that the release is not in the immediate future, but the earlier we get the minimum spec nailed down, the more time people have to upgrade. There is already a warning in the 4.1.6 release notes and on the home page stating that future releases will require PHP 5, but an exact version would be nice to post as early as possible.

    • Stew Stronski

      Stew Stronski - 2008-12-04

      Yeah that's what I meant, but I guess I didn't really say it :)

      Might as well set the standard to at least 5.2.3 now BECAUSE nobody will have to upgrade immediately. And it's better to give an early warning.

    • Wes Groleau

      Wes Groleau - 2008-12-04

      GoDaddy, where I am, is 5.2.5

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2008-12-04

      5.2.3 here.

    • Paul Blair

      Paul Blair - 2008-12-04

      5.2.0-8 here.


    • macalter

      macalter - 2008-12-04

      Furher reply from my web host (Dreamhost):

      PHP5.3 is not yet a stable release. The current stable release is PHP 5.2.6 which is what we are running.

      You can certainly install PHP5.3 yourself, however it even recommends on

      So, seems in summary, if PGV 4.2 is released _before_ stable 5.3 is a stable release, then it should not be the minimum standard!

    • KosherJava

      KosherJava - 2008-12-04

      I don't think that anyone plans on setting 5.3 as a minimum. Greg mentioned possibly setting 5.2.3 as the minimum, something you already have.

    • Greg Roach

      Greg Roach - 2008-12-04

      Thanks for all the feedback.  I'm reassured to hear that nobody is running PHP5.1.

      I propose that we require a PHP5.2.0 minimum, but recommend PHP5.2.3.

      PGV developers will be free to use all PHP functions/features that were introduced in PHP5.2.0.

      But, we may not code any work-arounds for PHP bugs that were fixed between PHP5.2.0 and PHP5.2.3.

      • Borksoft

        Borksoft - 2008-12-04

        At this moment I am running 5.1.6 on an FC5 machine. I am planning to upgrade my machine to FC10 at the end of this year as FC5 is not supported anymore, but I would like to move to PGV 4.1.6 before that.
        What is the minimum PHP5 version required for PGV 4.1.6?

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