Ahnentafel report

  • Ronald

    Ronald - 2011-05-24

    Hi, I am struggling to get the ahnentafel report to produce a good report. Firstly it seems that the numbering is not according to the expectation, as it now does a continuous numbering. So it is not showing the father as 2x child and the mother as 2x child +1.
    Secondly, it is mixing up the generations, so I get "Generation 8", followed by "Generation 9", but than another "Generation 8". Could it be that the same person is in 2 generations in different lines causing this?

    I am on PhpGedView 4.3.0 svn.


  • ggpauly

    ggpauly - 2011-05-26


    I see the numbering issue.  Is this new behavior compared to previous versions?

    Mixed up generations when lines intermarry is known - see


    If there isn't already bug report on this issue you might file one.

  • Ronald

    Ronald - 2011-05-27

    I have checked the bug reports and it looks like a number of things that were called out as bugs are back in again. So aside from the numbering issue, and the generations issue (for which I see the bug report was rejected in 2006), I also seem to have a problem with page breaks, in particular when it has to print notes.

    I am only familiar with the previous version so cannot comment on historical perspective. SInce I installed 4.3.0 I have added a significant number of people and generations, so it might even be that it never surfaced in with the lower number of people in the previous version.

    Could it be that an old ahnentafel reports was rolled back to in the 4.3.0 version?

    Not sure what I can do now.

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2011-05-27

    Easiest way to review changes is to Browse the SVN:

    This link will show you all the changes in that report, and when they were made. While Jerry has made some terrific tweaks to report structure, most of them remain problematic in overprinting and pagination. Usually best to try each font's on your system (they vary as to effectiveness) and try HTML, then print to a PDF if you need them. It seems the PDF structuring is even more buggy than the HTML versions, although both have issues.


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