GEDCOM upload corruption?

  • Andrew Hougie

    Andrew Hougie - 2013-03-20

    Hi all

    I am trying to run PHPGedView (PhpGedView 4.2.4 stable) to provide a web view of the family tree I maintain on Reunion for Mac.  I exported a GEDCOM from Reunion and uploaded it to PHPGedView with apparently no errors yet on viewing the information on PHPGedView I see error messages like "Unable to find family with ID F***" and individuals apparently part of several (unconnected) families (as "parents family" and as "immediate family").

    I have checked (with a text viewer) both the GEDCOM file as exported from Reunion and the GEDCOM as it now appears on the server for one of the individuals concerned and the GEDCOM is correct, ie that individual's individual record lists one (correct) FAMC record and one (correct) FAMS record, and the "missing" Family ID appears correctly as FAMS and FAMC records for its correct family members and as a F record lists the correct HUSB, WIFE and CHILD entries, so this appears to be an import issue.

    For this same individual in PHPGedView at the top of her individual record there are two "Name" and "Gender" entries (where the "wrong" name corresponds to an Individual Record numbered one higher than her record, i.e. she is I3901 and the second name comes from I3902) and under "View Details for" there are two "Parents Family" boxes, one which includes her (with a tick), her parents and siblings and the other which includes the parents and siblings of I3902 but not I3902 himself) and then two "Immediate Family" boxes, again one which includes her husband and children and one which includes the children of I3902.

    Checking for I3902 says "Unable to find record with ID" and looking for the members of the family to whom the family record really belongs gives the same error - "Unable to find family with ID F1017".  Neither I3901 nor I3902 actually form part of the family with ID F1017.

    The GEDCOM file is approx 5MB.  On my server I changed the memory_limit directive to:
    memory_limit = 256M
    and on the "Add GEDCOM" tab I changed "Time limit" to "120".  It appeared to import without issues.

    Under Admin ==> PHP information, for both "Local Value" and "Master Value", "memory_limit" shows as 256M ("max_input_time" shows as "60" but I am not sure if that is relevant).

    I am slightly less than a novice but I control the server.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2013-03-20

    Upgrade to v4.3 (see the bumped HELP post on SVN) as there are small problems w/ v4.2.4 (although nothing I know that would precipitate the problem you describe). If then you have a similar problem, then the text file (GEDCOM) is corrupted even though you do not spot the problem(s) immediately.


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