How can i save user

  • Hansjakob Strickler

    It's now the second time i lost during the upgrade all users :-(

    Does anybody knows in which file they are managed/stored so i can save this file local?

    It would be good to have a save and a restore function!

    Any help would be very welcome!

    Regards Koebi

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2011-05-27

    I can say definitively that you must not be following the upgrade instructions as this is not an issue with any other users.
    Aa to which tables (not a file) house the users, this depends on which version you are using. The last several versions (minor updates) split the users into, IIRC, three tables:  prefix_user, prefix_user_gedcom_setting, and prefix_user_setting

    Not sure why, when upgrading, you are trashing your SQL. You can not upgrade to a new prefix database and retain any of the old NEWS, MESSAGES, BLOCKS, FAVORITES, PLACELOCATION (GM) or USER settings as these are not contained within the GEDCOM and would not re-established when you import.  You MUST upgrade in place, either on a duplicate of the existing DB or make a backup and operate on the existing one.

  • Hansjakob Strickler

    Hi Stephen

    Whow, that was a very quick and very competent information, thanks very much :-)

    Hopefully it will works next time better with your information.

    Thanks again for help, Koebi

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2011-05-28

    The upgrade instructions have been described many times.  The most recent example is in the Help topic where the subject begins with "Repost: …"

    Please read these instructions.  If you follow them exactly, you will NOT encounter the sort of problems you are having.


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