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David Best
  • David Best

    David Best - 2012-07-09

    I'm really hoping someone can help me out with this.
    Awhile back (couple of years) I was wanting to create a custom individual fact that would always be within the dropdown. This fact would be called, Find A Grave. I would then input the memorial number/ID to which it would automatically create a link to said memorial on Find A Grave.
    While I knew this wasn't the norm for gedcoms I created it. I did this from reading it on another site or this forum to which it worked.
    However, since I upgraded/updated to the new version I have lost that custom work. I do not remember how to fix it back and I don't wish to have the Find a Grave links any longer. Now when I click on the "Add new fact" drop down, I still have the short code I created  but it's missing the description in the front (Find A Grave). When I add the number to the individual to and it's created It states an error.
    Unrecognized GEDCOM Code: FAG

    It was something simple to add the customized field but I just can't remember where it was at within the back end.

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2012-07-09

    You are going about this all wrong. F-A-G is NOT a fact or event, but rather simply another SOUR.  Create a SOUR for it, then use the Citation and Text fields to record the particular data (like a link to the INDI page in the citation) and then record/add an image. It would be entirely improper genealogical practices to have a FACT for FindaGrave

  • David Best

    David Best - 2012-07-10

    Thanks Stephen but I've already updated the files on the backend years ago. What I'm wanting to do know is reverse that. I realize what I did was poor thinking and have corrected that by using the burial record instead.
    Would you or anyone know where the fact sources are written in order for them to be populated within the drop down?

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2012-07-10

    Yes, but I'm not about to suborn or support poor work. There are plenty of posts in the history of these forums that describe the procedure.

    I would recommend you not further the problem and use grep and change all the tags to SOUR references.

  • macalter

    macalter - 2012-07-10

    I use Find A Grave a lot, as a Source. Invaluable for info. However, it's not netiquette to direct link to any site without permission as it eats into their bandwidth. Especially as you accumulate Indi's that have listings. I created a SOUR for F-A-G and note the details plus submitter/date info so it can be found again. (And of course take note of all links for other family members for entry too.) Tip - where there's an image of the headstone, make sure you use those details as it sometimes varies from the typed info.

  • ggpauly

    ggpauly - 2012-07-12

    Hi Katie,

    Presumably for historical reasons, instead of having a table with events and facts, these are spread all over the code in sundry places.  Custom patching your PGV installation will be a recurring headache, and almost certainly not worth while given that you've already decided that you want to go another way with your F-A-G info.   On my sites, I use a F-A-G source and put the exact link in "citation details".   

    Is there a search you can make to locate F-A-G entries in your data?  This might be a way to locate them so you can fix them up. 

    Curiously, webtrees has not added an event/fact table (as of 1.2.7).  It seems like this would speed some things up enormously, as well as facilitate changes (and even patches!).  It's just standard practice to put metadata in tables.  Of course, there's an awful lot of code to fix up.

  • David Best

    David Best - 2012-07-12

    I've corrected the issue by comparing each backend file to a back up I had.

    I think there is some confusion on what I had done. I basically copied the AFN piece and created a FAG code. It operates the exact same way, inputing the AFN # creates a link that can be clicked on to go to a third party site.

    Just like it's been said before though, if the site ever changes, the ink is broken. Plus, this is NOT good practice. I realize that now and have since corrected that. The one thing that does need to be noted though, Ancestry does use FAG for this same purpose. While I'm not saying it's good, I just feel that it's an overkill creating two burial records.

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2012-07-12


    Ancestry does use FAG for this same purpose is a supplier of genealogical research sources. They recently struck a deal with the Find-a-Grave site to provide possible links based on near name and date matches to recorded graves.

    I just feel that it's an overkill creating two burial records.

    Huh? Two burial records? You should have one burial event, annotated with as many supporting sources as is possible and practical. Dozens would not be too many, if they were available:  obituary, actual photograph, transcribed data, story, biography, personal knowledge, family bible, veteran's records, etc. All these support one event - one burial, unless there is a discrepancy on dates where you might enter two, the first being the preferred or better-supported event.

  • David Best

    David Best - 2012-07-13

    Stephen, please note I only use Ancestry for research only. I do have a private tree that I use simply for gathering data. What I'm referring to with the two burials is that Ancestry creates a multi lines for one event, FAG and a Burial. It's just a preference of mine to have like you said, one Burial event with multiple sources within it.
    I use PGV for my main tree and records. I love everything about it. I only made the unthoughtful error of wanting to do what Ancestry does. After changing it, I do like like it.

    I have it corrected now.

    Thank you to all that have offered assistance.

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