Adoption problem

  • Zwaga

    Zwaga - 2012-08-01

    Hai, who wants to help a newbe
    I have a problem with an adoption (a stepmother adoption).
    I was married once to woman A, and we had 1 daughter (D1)
    I divorced her and remarried to woman B and we had 2 daughters (D2 and D3)
    My second wife (D2) adopted daughter 1 (D1) from my first marriage (= step parent adoption)
    To enter this fact, I added the adoption to my daughter (D1). Now she has 2 mothers (is OK)
    But suddenly my other 2 daughters (D2 & D3) have my first wife A as a step mother. And that is wrong. They have no relation at all.
    My previous marriage should not be shown as relation of daugthers (D2 & D3)
    Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong???

  • ggpauly

    ggpauly - 2012-08-03

    I'd start by checking the raw gedcom data.

    In the "options for individual" box choose "Other" then "View Gedcom Record".  You can also view the raw Gedcom for the families  involved.


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