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  • tthdoc

    tthdoc - 2012-10-20

    Just noticed something with the googlemaps and not sure if I am missing a setting or something else  Let's say I put an address in as Howard County, Maryland, USA.  When you click that link, it brings up google map with the zoom about halfway on the slider, and you see most of Howard County.  If I set it to USA only, and click it, it brings up the map with the zoom almost all the way down and you see all of USA (including Hawaii) with alot of flags representing all the locations in the GEDCOM.  This is all I would expect behavior wise.  BUT, if I put in Poland, or Germany (and I assume other countries as well but didn't try them all), and I click the link, it brings up the Poland or Germany flag, but the zoom is all the way in (at the top) so you basically see a white screen with a flag.  I have to manually zoom most of the way out in order to see the whole country.  I would think that since I used top level only (just country), when clicked I should see the country (like I did when I click USA).  What am I missing?


  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2012-10-20

    I assume you have all these places imported into your placelocations table?
    There are numerous ZOOM and other bugs within the GM module. Unfortunately, it is likely that most, if not all, will remain until another developer takes interest in the project and spends time with it. PGV still uses a now very old API and the designer (Brian Holland) of this and the GED-FACT Assistant module passed away recently.

    Google continues to update their software and redefine their mapping API's and v2 has been officially deprecated and is no longer supported by Google.

  • tthdoc

    tthdoc - 2012-10-20


    Thanks for getting back to me.  Sorry to hear about Brian.  When I checked edit geographic place locations, yes, Germany is there and the coordinates are correct, and it shows correct (checked as country and zoom level 4).  This is the same as USA.  And when you click on Germany, it does take you to Germany, just all the way zoomed in.



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