• macalter

    macalter - 2010-12-20

    I added ALIAS to show in the Edit Name window. While the tag appears, the entry <Joe /Dow/> itself doesn't show when I save.

    Entry done in Raw as:
    1 NAME Joe /Doe/
    2 GIVN Joe
    2 SURN Doe
    2 ALIA Joe /Dow/
    does work.

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2010-12-20

    Why would you try to use a seldom used tag in deference to one that is much more established and incorporated within normal PGV operations _AKA  ??  Can you explain how these would differ in your own interpretation.
    A true alias, IMHO, is a second name (either entirely different for purposes of fraud or security purposes) and belongs as a entirely new name entry (also supported by PGV) where an Also Known As name is a minor variation:

    1 NAME Lelia /Smith/
    2 _AKA Lilly /Smith/    where Lilly Smith was used as a full name on documents rather than simply a Nickname of Lilly.

    1 NAME Robert James /Smith/
    2 NICK Bob        so the NAME line displays at Robert James "Bob" Smith. In this case, an AKA of "Bob Smith" is possible, but not really as appropriate as case one.

    1 NAME Harry Alonzo /Longabaugh/
    2 _AKA The Sundance Kid
    or better yet use the power of PGV to create a second instance of NAME
    1 NAME Harry Alonzo /Longabaugh/
    1 NAME The Sundance /Kid/


  • macalter

    macalter - 2010-12-20

    ALIA was what showed up when searching Gedcom tags (PGV wiki). I don't have list of common custom tags. I knew "AKA" existed but couldn't find and didn't know it was custom. Personal pref I don't like the second name feature, so will add _AKA to replace ALIA.

  • Irene Eng

    Irene Eng - 2011-04-04

    Hi ..
    I imported my data fm Family Tree Maker.  I used This person is also known as (aka) under the Lineage tab in the FTM for Chinese names, which became the Alias in PGV .. which did not show properly - messed up everything (!!). 

    To test drive, I entered something under Romanized Name, which shows in the Blue box but Alias doesn't.  What's going on?

    Also .. is there a magic button (like One-Click Install ..) somewhere I can upgrade to 4.2.4?  My host DreamHost still offers 4.2.3.  I sent them multiple messages since last month .. nothing is happening as of yet.  I hope this PGV doesn't require a computer science degree to use?  -:)

    Thank you all .. in advance

    Good night …

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2011-04-04

    Did Dreamhost install PGV 4.2.3 for you, in your own web space, or are you sharing an installation with other Dreamhost users?

    There's no excuse for them to not have upgraded, particularly since there's a known hacker exploit in 4.2.3 that was fixed in 4.2.4.  In fact, they should be upgrading to the "SVN" version (download link is posted here in the Help forum).  The SVN version is simply 4.2.4 with additional bug fixes.

    If you're using your own copy of PGV in your own web space, there's no problem in upgrading it yourself.  The instructions have been posted here umpteen times already.  You WILL need FTP access to your web space.

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2011-04-04

    You should be using multiple NAME facts to enter your names in different languages.  In FTM, you can add more names by clicking on the "Edit Individual Details" icon and then clicking on the Facts tab.  You can select Name as one of the facts to add or edit.  You indicate which of the several names is to be the primary name in the database by highlighting the one you want and then clicking the "Make Preferred" button.

    PGV will handle multiple names quite nicely, and each name appears on the Personal Details page and can be searched in the Individuals list.

    As you've already been told, you shouldn't bother with AKA or Alias -- it's not very well supported and you only have the possibility of adding one alternate name.  With mutiple NAME facts, you can have as many as you want.  You've probably already noticed that in FTM the AKA name is actually a nickname - it appears in the list of individuals enclosed in quotation marks.


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