Lester Caine - 2014-07-07

Like many current users, my own site http://phpgedview.lsces.org.uk/ has
been ticking along nicely and while it needs a little TLC from time to
time, it is currently running on Nginx with PHP5.4.20

I'm running a version which I ported over to run on ADOdb database layer
so I could run on Firebird and apart from a few little niggles it does
it's job http://hg.lsces.org.uk/bw/bitweaver/phpgedview/ has the code
base, but has not really had any work since 2009 other than clearing PHP
generated agro ... WHY did they have to totally screw the language in
minor versions ... I'm still running PHP5.2 for a number of sites
because there is not enough time to rework them to run on PHP5.4 and
while 5.5 should just run I'll wait until all the 5.2 code has been cleared.

I have looked at merging the webtrees form with my own code base, but I
simply don't like the way it has gone, and replacing things like
docblock commenting has basically made the code unusable, so I'm back to
the path that I was on back in version 3 times :)

My own intention for PGV has always been to use it as an element of a
bigger framework, so I can have all of the content under the one
database, making searching easy. wiki/blog/articles/boards and gedcom
content all in parallel. To that end I had moved a lot of the PGV pages
to smarty templates which could be added in parallel with other content,
and while I had a working fork, it was leapfrogged by other developments
in the PGV code base :(

I've spent the weekend uploading a lot of new content to my own tree,
while at the same time syncing codebases across what I have working.
I've just downloaded a clean copy of the SVN code (r7097 for reference)
and as usual the fast majority of the diffs are related to comment areas
and version tags, so a quick merge is not practical, but I think that
what I will do is merge my own changes back into a clean copy of the
current SVN and restart things from there.

The amount of time that is wasted trying to keep up with the incessant
drive to 'modernise' things which do their jobs perfectly is a pain. A
lot of my own website code is still doing the same as it did 15 years
ago, with the same database structure, but we are not allowed to run the
code becuase one package or another is 'no longer supported' :( WHEN
will we be able to get back to adding content rather than continually
fixing other peoples arrogance?

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