Error after removing a child

  • Han

    Han - 2012-08-19

    I've added a few childs to a mother with a father were I don't know the name from. All the children were added as Half-brothers. I would correct it and delete the children and add them again. After that action I have the next error on the mother record:

    Unable to find family with ID F1342509020Unable to find family with ID F1342509021

    How can I fix that?

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2012-08-19

    1st, what version of PGV are you using. Versions prior to the SVN (v4.3) download had bugs when deleting INDIs and you should not be using those versions.
    2nd, WHY are you deleting at all?  There is an easy tool to remove children (or spouses) from one family and reattach to another. Under the FAM record page, navigate to EDIT and use the Change Family Members function. This tool properly deletes both the FAM and the INDI links and can then restore them for the correct FAM record.  Just as a procedure I use (rarely, as I hope we don't often have this issue with my users), I navigate to the family that I wish to move the child or children to and copy the XREF (FXXXX). Then I navigate to the child I wish to attach (a new tab, BTW) and use the link at the bottom - "Attach this person as a child to an existing family" and when the XREF is requested, paste and save. Then I navigate to any other children listed in the navigational pane at the right and similarly attach the rest to the correct FAM record. Finally, I navigate to the original FAM record with the wrong children listed and using the "Change Family Members" edit function, I simply remove ALL the children in one edit and SAVE.  Viola - all done, nice and neat, with no wrong pointers.

    To FIX your problem, you will have to find which INDI's still retain the 1 FAMC @F1342509020@ and 21 pointers in their raw code and using raw edit, simply delete that line reference and save. You will probably need to do this with every INDI you changed, possibly including the parent(s).  A lot of work fixing a wrongfully executed deletion.   My advice - don't delete, ever. I don't.

  • Han

    Han - 2012-08-19

    OK, your advice is clear. For the rest of your advice I have to ask my wife to explain the intension of your explanation. She studied in USA and England and I just learned a bit Englisch at school in the Netherlands.

  • Han

    Han - 2012-08-20

    With your advice I've fixed the problem and understand a lot more of the program. Thank you.


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