Upgrade problem from 4.2

  • mfallon2011

    mfallon2011 - 2011-08-10

    I had a phpgedview 4.2 installed on my account on a university services server.

    the system admins upgraded php to Version 5.3.6 some time ago and now phpgedview 4.2 won't work.
    It gives errors referring to deprecated php function calls used by phpgedview 4.2. So it doesnt seem like i can migrate to a new version phpgedview using it.

    I can use phpMyAdmin to export the sql database file though.

    does anyone have suggestions of how to proceed?

  • mfallon2011

    mfallon2011 - 2011-08-10

    ps: I'm not sure of exactly which version of phpgedview I'm using but a version of:
    statistics.php: * @version $Id: statistics.php 5954 2009-07-20 23:38:06Z windmillway $

    is mentioned in one of the files

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2011-08-10

    Ignore the deprecated errors (turn them off). You should still be able to update - we have.
    AFAIK, only Batch Update has a problem with 5.3.6, however, the entire PGV program has only been authenticated for 5.3.4.

    Another solution on upgrading. Back up your SQL and install a WAMP/LAMP/MAMP server on a local machine, Restore your DB and server files to the local machine. Upgrade, and then save SQL again and restore to the remote server.

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2011-08-10

    To find out what version of PGV you've got, you can log in as Admin and then access the Admin menu.

    To determine the same information from the actual scripts, you need to look at "includes/session.php".  The version information should be near the top of the script.


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