Gerry Kroll - 2014-01-01

The user did a re-install of PGV into the same directory, after deleting all of the existing program scripts while retaining the data directories and the configuration file. This should have worked. Since the 404 error still occurs (the user checked for the existence of the install.php script), we're left with the conclusion that the service provider has denied access to the "install.php" script through a mechanism outside the control of PGV.

Please e-mail me directly: gkroll at keldine dot ca

I'll create a set of files that uses a script name other than "install.php" (I'll use "foobar.php"). If this works, we will have proven that the service provider is interfering with the proper functioning of PhpGedView. You'll need to tell me which version (4.2.4 or 4.3.0) you are currently trying to get to work. You should be using the 4.3.0 (a.k.a. "SVN") version.