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  • neerav

    neerav - 2004-09-22

    I have figured out how to customize the initial page for unauthed users.  My question is how can I customize the default mygedview portal for logged in users?  After logging in, if I click on "customize mygedview portal" the changes are only made for the admin user, and not as a default for all new users.

    Please advise.

    • John Finlay

      John Finlay - 2004-09-22

      Currently there is no way to customize the default portal for your users.  This is a requested feature though that will be added eventually.

      You can manually change the default by editing the index.php file starting around line 98:
      //-- get the blocks list
      if ($command=="user") {
          $ublocks = getBlocks($uname);
          if (count($ublocks["main"])==0) {
              $ublocks["main"][] = "print_todays_events";
              $ublocks["main"][] = "print_user_messages";
              $ublocks["main"][] = "print_user_favorites";
          if (count($ublocks["right"])==0) {
              $ublocks["right"][] = "print_welcome_block";
              $ublocks["right"][] = "print_random_media";
              $ublocks["right"][] = "print_upcoming_events";
              $ublocks["right"][] = "print_logged_in_users";

      You can find a list of the possible blocks from the functions_blocks.php file.


    • neerav

      neerav - 2004-09-23

      Thank you again, John!

      I've tried searching the archives for the answer.  Is this kind of under-the-hood adjustment listed somewhere so I don't have to keep asking?

    • John Finlay

      John Finlay - 2004-09-23

      I've just added the option to be able to set the default blocks online so that you don't have to edit files anymore.  If you are logged in as an administrator and customize your MyGedView page, there will be a checkbox allowing you to set the current configuration to be the default for all users unless they customize their own blocks.

      I've also decided to cache the results of the Upcoming Events blocks and the On this day block in the session.  So the long calculations for those blocks are only run the first time a user accesses the page, after that it just grabs the results from the session.

      These changes are in the CVS to be included with v3.2.



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