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  • James Loveluck

    James Loveluck - 2014-03-13

    I have several gedcom files on my site running PhpGedView 4.1.7.
    I recently updated one of the gedcom files using 'import' on the gedcom management page. Since then, I've been having problems with the configuration of the Welcome Page, for this gedcom only (for the other files the problem doesn't occur).
    Initially the problem seemed to be related to including the 'Recent Changes' block in the right-hand section - this block, and any other blocks lower in the list, were not displayed, and the page took some time to load. In trying to pin down the issue I made a change to the configuration (using the 'Customize this GEDCOM Welcome page' tool) and now the right hand section doesn't display at all. This means I don't now have access to the 'Customize' tool, since the link is not available. Is there any other way to back out the changes I made to the configuration? Also, does anyone have any ideas as to why the 'Recent Changes' block is causing problems. The odd thing is that the 'Recent Changes' block does display correctly on the MyGedView Portal page.

    Thanks in advance for any help,


  • James Loveluck

    James Loveluck - 2014-03-13

    Please ignore the last sentence concerning the MyGedView Portal page - I hadn't noticed but PhpGedView switches to a different gedcom when I display the MyGedView Portal page.

  • James Loveluck

    James Loveluck - 2014-03-15

    I finally solved this problem by generating the gedcom file with a different program (RootsMagic instead of Legacy). Apparently there was something in the previous file that PhpGedView didn't like, but I've no idea what it was. It would have been helpful if PhpGedView had produced an error message before falling over, but I suspect it was in a loop.

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2014-03-17

    You should be running version 4.3.0 (the "SVN" version).

    Alternatively, consider using Webtrees. Webtrees, which was cloned from PhpGedView almost 4 years ago, has good support and also a migration tool to help with the transition from PhpGedView. You probably noticed that PGV hasn't been updated in a very long time and has almost no support.

  • James Loveluck

    James Loveluck - 2014-03-18

    Thanks for the advice Gerry. Unfortunately, the web hosting service I'm using runs Php 5.1.3 and I don't think this is adequate for either PGV 4.3.0 or Webtrees.

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2014-03-19

    I don't think there's anything in PGV that requires PHP 5.3.x .

    You could do a trial installation of PGV 4.3.0 in a different directory off your webroot and using the same mysql database but with a different table name prefix. If this croaks, you know that you need a better PHP. On the other hand, if it works, you know that you can safely upgrade your "working" installation of PGV.

    No matter what, you should make a backup copy of the working PGV 4.1.7 installation as well as of the database tables associated with that installation before you start the upgrade. Essentially, the upgrade is done by deleting all of the PGV program code and directories while keeping all of the data files and directories as well as the configuration file. Just drop the new files and directories into place.

    You should really talk to your hosting provider about the possibility of them updating their PHP. PHP 5.1.3 is WAY out of date.

    Last edit: Gerry Kroll 2014-03-19

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