Couple questions

  • Brian A. Thomas

    Brian A. Thomas - 2004-09-26

    I have a couple issues I would like help with. I am running version 3.1.

    1) The Most Common Surnames, where do we edit how many results we want it to show? I thought we could edit this, but I can't seem to find where exactly it is at, unless this feature is only in the CVS versions so far.
    2) In the On This Day in History box, I would like to add links after all the stuff (if any) shows up. Such as links and the like. Which file do I need to edit and what should I do to put it in place?

    Thank you,
    Brian A. Thomas

    • John Finlay

      John Finlay - 2004-09-27

      Hi Brian,

      1) These settings are in the gedcom configuration. Login as an administrator and go to Admin->Manage Gedcoms->Edit Configuration.  There is a threshold limit and settings to add and remove names from the list.

      2) All of the blocks that appear on the MyGedView and Welcome Page can be found in the functions_blocks.php file.  The On This Day block is generated by the print_todays_events() function.  However, instead of adding to the On This Day block, it is pretty easy to create your own block.  Just make a copy of one of the simple functions in the functions_blocks.php file, like the the print_gedcom_block.  Rename it and add it to the $PGV_BLOCKS array.  Then change the content and add it to your page using the "Customize this page" link.

      In the future I hope to make it easier to plug-in your own blocks with out having to edit the functions_blocks.php file.



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