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Migrating PHPGedView to Webtrees plus moving to new server

  • Robert Sterry

    Robert Sterry - 2013-10-02

    I have finally decided to bite the bullet and move from PHPGedView to
    Webtrees. At the same time I want to prepare an installation that I can
    eventually upload to a new host server.

    Ideally I would like to first create a version of PHPGedView/Webtrees using
    localhost [on XAMPP] to make sure it's all working correctly before
    uploading to a new server.

    I am having a lot of problems doing this and would really appreciate some
    help. I'm using Windows 8 [64bit] by the way just in case this might be
    causing any additional problems.

    I am familiar with doing this with a Joomla website installation but not
    sure if PGV and/or Webtrees works the same.

    Any help greatly appreciated.



    Robert Sterry

    9 Baileys Lane

    Kurrajong Hills NSW 2758


    Ph: 0245731805

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2013-10-02

    Please describe the sort of problems you're having.

    Webtrees and PhpGedView use PHP and a mysql database. In both cases, you need to create the database before you attempt to install or run the program. Both programs can share the same database, and they keep their automatically created tables separate by using different table name prefixes to ensure unique table names.

    Webtrees has a good support community, and you'll get lots of help there. With PGV, it's hit-or-miss, with mostly "miss".


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