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  • macalter

    macalter - 2011-12-15

    I've been using rootsweb for SSDI information for years. A couple of days ago I encountered a notice that the information isn't available:

    "Due to sensitivities around the information in this database, the Social Security Death Index collection is not available on our free Rootsweb service but is accessible to search on Visit the Social Security Death Index page to be directly connected to this collection "

    Anyone know what's up? I went to the page noted but that's at where you must be a member to view information.

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2011-12-15

    Rootsweb is owned by  Why provide a free service that competes with one you have to pay for?

  • macalter

    macalter - 2011-12-15

    Didn't think they'd respond. I was shocked the first time, several years ago, that such information would be readily available free or paid! Ancestry's version I think blocks out the SSN number. WOn't know until I use library for their free subscription. That was an invaluable source of finding people. Too bad. Canadian SIN information is never available in same format. Death information is blocked for 72 years after death. Longer for birth.

    We appreciate your message. As we said on the landing page, the sensitive nature of the information can no longer be offered for free on our site. We have permanently and completely removed the index as it is the only way to prevent the sensitive information from being abused by using it from non-genealogical research. RootsWeb remains a free website. We aren't charging for anything on RootsWeb. While we have removed our copy of the SSDI we are also informing visitors that still has their copy. You can use the filtered version on but will need a paid membership with them. If you need more information than what is available on you will need to go to the US Social Security Administration as they are the originators or use one of the many other genealogy sites that have a free SSDI.

    If there is anything else with which we might assist you, please let us know.

    RootsWeb Support Team

  • macalter

    macalter - 2011-12-16

    Thanks thomasadkins for the alternate source. I find it very helpful to use.  All rootsweb had to do is remove the SSN number :)


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