Adding parents of cousins spouse

  • tthdoc

    tthdoc - 2011-08-14

    I just want to see how other people handle this.  When I add a user to the site (and only confirmed relatives are added), I give them edit rights to add information.  Everything is reviewed by me before I accept it.  Here is the question.  I have a distant cousin who's father is the bloodline relative.  Her mother obviously belongs on the tree as the spouse of her father.  However, in giving me information, she added her mother's parents information as well.  I would think to just delete these and let the cousin know why I did so, but want to get others opinions.  Should I just keep them on the tree as information, or just delete them as they are really not in any way a relative?  Obviously if her children ever wanted to look at the family tree, it would be relevant to them, so, do you keep it there for the few relatives who would have interest in this or not?

    Thanks for the feedback…

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2011-08-14

    I would think to just delete these and let the cousin know why I did so

    Not in any way a relative? Well, of course they are, but not directly or by blood to you.

    Do you run the site strictly for your benefit? Do you state this as one of your FAQs or on the welcome page? Do you wish further cooperation (collaboration) from this or similarly aligned relatives?

    Sure, you may ask - 'where does it stop?' This is the primary question about the nature of your site and the reason I asked the first question above (all entries accrue to your personal benefit).  I think the primary question (the quote) can not be answered by anyone but you, but I sense that in asking, you have already made the decision. Just be sure you advise new members that they use of "your site", not "our site", is limited to direct blood relations of yours. I'm not making a judgement call, only that, as a potential member, I'd wish to know that my options are limited and my participation restricted before I waste my time helping you.

  • Lester Caine

    Lester Caine - 2011-08-14

    Stephen has covered all the questions.

    Personally I'm happy to let in-laws include their own material, but I do expect them to be responsible for confirming facts and answering questions relating to their own parts of the tree. If a problem is flagged up I might hide the data until it has been confirmed, but I would probably not spend time checking facts myself if it's not on mine or my wife's main trunk.

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2011-08-14

    I'm with Stephen and Isces on this one.

    My site is no longer a "family tree" describing just my close relatives.  Instead, it's a database that describes relationships between the various people in the database.  Some of these happen to be related by blood or by marriage to me or to my wife.  When you get right down to it, everybody in the database is related somehow to me.  It just depends on your definition of "is related".

    I've had a number of enquiries about people in the database that are not directly related to me.  Since I keep track of how I came by the information on each person, I'm able to pass these enquiries to the right person.  I have yet to get any complaints about this - everybody seems happy that I'm able to put interested parties in touch with each other.

  • tthdoc

    tthdoc - 2011-08-16

    Stephen, Isces and Greg,

    Thanks for all of your input.  I was just looking for feedback to see how others handle this.  I was leaning towards just putting the information in for the reason I said, which is if any relative of my wife or mine have children, then both of the parents, including the spouses parents who married into the family, would be of interest to those children.  And I see you all concur with my thoughts, so thanks for the feedback.  Greg, your answer of "everybody in the database is related somehow to me" follows along the lines of  the answer I once gave my grandmother when she asked me when I would be finished with the family tree, and I told her "when I reach Adam and Eve" :-)

    Thanks again,



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