Search doesn't work for entry

  • misharim

    misharim - 2009-10-07

    I can't search it except with soundex. The other entries seem to show up fine. Does anyone know why this would be?

    0 @I1@ INDI

    1 NAME Aaaa Bbbb /Cccc/

    2 GIVN Aaaa Bbbb

    2 SURN Cccc

    1 SEX M

    1 CHAN

    2 DATE 23 AUG 2009

    3 TIME 23:14:18

    2 _PGVU aaaa

    1 BIRT

    2 DATE 01 JAN 1981

    2 PLAC Click edit and change me

    1 FAMC @F1@

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2009-10-07

    This question should have been posted in the Help forum.

    We don't understand your question.  Can you please clearly explain what the nature of the problem is?

  • misharim

    misharim - 2009-10-07


    When I use the search bar on the top right corner to search for "Aaaa" it says "No result found" but when I use soundex search to search for the entry, it finds the entry. I'm wondering what could be wrong?

  • misharim

    misharim - 2009-10-07

    The search for other names seem to return a result ok.

  • Greg Roach

    Greg Roach - 2009-10-07

    There is a bug report for this.

    PGV does a database search for all records containing the string.  However, this can result in a match on private or non-genealogical data.  It then needs to check that the search string wasn't found in private/internal data.  So, it excludes matches in _PGVU, etc.  You have a match in _PGVU.  The logic is/was wrong, and it wasn't checking to see if the search string *also* exists elsewhere in the record.

    Soundsex searches the name table directly, and doesn't use the same logic.

    I *thought* this one had been fixed.  What version of PGV are you using?

  • misharim

    misharim - 2009-10-07

    I'm using PhpGedView 4.2.2


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