Wes Groleau - 2010-01-12

I went to Admin and selected "export" then "download"

In  download, I was curious just precisely what was meant by "site admin" vs. "none" so I took both.

Comparing the two, only one difference (other than the header timestamp).  That was the bogus SOUR line here:

0 @F1239@ FAM
2 SOUR @S45@
1 HUSB @P1704@
1 CHIL @P1703@
1 CHIL @P1705@
1 CHIL @P1706@
2 DATE 29 JAN 2008
3 TIME 20:48:08
2 _PGVU Admin

Now, I'm not sure how that got there, but the interesting part is that it is in the file exported into the index directory.  But it is not in the fragment offered (even to admins) when editing raw GEDCOM.  However, if I click Save in the edit window, even if I made no change, the invisible error is removed (asw shown by doing another export and examining the file.