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  • spc

    spc - 2012-01-09

    I just can follow the docs… :(
    I had to combine 3 separate site  into a single server with a different server name, single apache and each site now has its own directory under the basic site..
    since the linked site names change how do I mass change the settings? where is the data?
    Each has its own mysql db etc etc.
    I guess I need to change the source link Web URL such as: to  OR pgv-2 or pgv-3…..
    Really dont care to edit every single one on all sites… I will be doing this for a few month :(

  • ggpauly

    ggpauly - 2012-01-10

    Hi spc,

    You're asking for help, this should be posted on the help forum.  (

    While you're at it, you might be more specific as to which settings are misconfigured with the move to a new site. 



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