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  • maheshwar k

    maheshwar k - 2009-09-29

    I have lot of relatives/ brothers/ Sisters, who are on facebook, linkedln, Orkut.
    I am looking for few features.
    1. Importing the profiles from social networking sites. ( If user login to phpgedview, provide credentials to such sites, should able to import hist profile, birthday etc, edit, and confirm to phpgedview.
    2. User should able to link his blog, twitter to his page.
    3. Lot of people tell me, they may be updating their profile / status/ on other social networking site, how phpgedview can get those updates automatically. They may forget it to update on phpgedview site.
    4. Some people want to auth againt yahoo/ gmail/ open id/ hotmail, instead managing seperate login/pw for phpgedview.
    Thanks for all help.
    warm regards,

  • Greg Roach

    Greg Roach - 2009-09-29

    Apart from DoB, what genealogical information would you want to import from one of these sites?

    In any case, many people give false info to these sites.  These sites don't need to know my real DoB, my real mother's maiden name, my real country of residence, etc, so I don't tell them!

    To link to a blog page, you probably just need something like this:

    1 FACT
    2 TYPE Blog Page

    PGV turns most URLs into links automatically

    <<Some people want to auth againt yahoo/ gmail/ open id/ hotmail>>

    I think there is already an open feature request for this.

  • maheshwar k

    maheshwar k - 2009-09-29

    features 2,3,4 will help.
    Also can we import contacts from these sites and send invitation.
    I have around 300 contacts on facebook, linkedln, orkut. all of these are one/ other way related with my family members. How do I invite them / register them directly in phpgedview?

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2009-09-29

    "How do I invite them / register them directly in phpgedview?" 

    Quite simply, you don't. Not only was PGV not designed for this kind of communications, but the majority of data on these social networking sites is irrelevant to genealogical recording of information. 

    To invite one, several or many to join your site, use your email client to develop a template (which can, if needed, be personalized with a merge function) and send each one an invitation to visit and register at your site. OR, do as some PGV admins do and pre-register anyone you may wish to have as a user and send them an invitation with a UserName and TempPassword. If they don't sign/log in within a certain period of time you determine is appropriate, delete the account or turn off access privileges. 


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