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GEDFact and census

  • Wes Groleau

    Wes Groleau - 2009-11-22

    I decided it was finally time to try out the shared note census stuff.
    Did a search for "shared note" and "census" and found sixteen of MANY more posts.  Apparently once it has shown two to four posts in a thread, it shows no more for that thread.  ALL of the threads it found were from before the feature was completed.
    I noticed the term GEDfact in one of them, and thought "Oh, yeah, forgot about that.  So I did a search for gedfact and it said there are no posts containing that term.  Suspecting case-sensitivity, I tried GEDfact - still none.  And yet it IS in one of the posts I recently read.
    OK, sob story over.  What us/are the recommended way/ways to get to that feature?  Seemed intuitive to me that one of them would be when entering a shared note to have an option to get to the fancier data entry method.

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2009-11-22

    Still coming, sometime soon, but not yet released and not in SVN on the trunk (although bits and pieces of it are there, still hidden).

    Brian has been working feverously with John F in the branches of SVN on both GedFACT Assistant, which incorporates a segment module called Census Assistant (CA) and a new easily modified menu tab system. Additionally, John's working some interface issues where we remove the sub-menus for charts, reports and editing and move them all to the one top header, removing redundant terms, confusing locations and streamlining presentation and interface. This, in conjunction with Greg's database efforts, will eventually allow greater data display options by opening up the DB to calls from differently structured locations and again enhance the interface. All this continues to strive to make it easier to navigate PGV.  John's tabs work is not quite ready for primetime (although you can see the results of these efforts on KIWI's site under DEMO - future.

    You can view the table-ized display results of PGV's CA on my main site, with an example of both the columnar display style of CA and the former freehand note style formerly in place at:  

    I'm confident that there will be many happy Admins when these new features are introduced shortly. Some may make the upcoming 4.2.3 release, expected about 20 DEC 2009.  

  • Wes Groleau

    Wes Groleau - 2009-11-22

    Hmmm, I had the notion somehow that it was out there.
    What about the census formatting part, i.e., if I manually enter the thing with the pipes and such?  Is that format fully documented?  I know there were examples in some of the past threads.
    I have an Excel thing where I can fill in the cells, click a button and VBA substitutes the values into a template.
    Then I paste the modified template into my GEDCOM.

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2009-11-22

    Maybe, you'll have to wait for Brian to answer as to whether the underpinnings are present. If you viewed my example, you can see the output, but I'm running a modified 4.2.3+ version so I can't be sure the PIPES are contained within the code, and there most certainly are no guidelines on how to format the data as it was never intended to be done manually (although that's how I do it) and it has a slick NAV and input table format from templates.  It is this template feature that caused us to change the name as we realized that it had, potentially, many more functions than a simple Census Transcription routine. 

    Running SVN-experimental branch is obviously more dangerous for a live site than running trunk SVN, which in itself is still 
    ****** beta software and not intended for use on live sites and those that are mission critical. Beta software is subject to spurious introduction of serious bugs that can destroy your data and trash your installation. ******  

    Unless you have a significant reason for pressing the issue, I'd be patient and wait out a release version. Trust us, it is coming and its pretty nifty. I love the columnar-style presentation formatting and the interface is very nice too.  

  • Brian Holland

    Brian Holland - 2009-11-22

    Hi Wes,

    First of all, sorry you have been waiting a while for this. <br />As Stephen says I have been busy helping John with the new Tab layout as well, and there only are so many hours in a day as they say..

    However I am now back on with the Census stuff again, but it is slow work, and I am doubtful it will make it for 20 December which will be probably mainly a maintenance release.

    The formatting with the pipes I had to change a bit a while back, which is why I am reluctant to release this yet.because:<br /> a) I have not documented this as you are aware: <br /> b) If I have to change it again for some reason, and you have already entered loads of shared notes, you would not like it having to manually change things on every note you had entered.

    I just have the "auto copy to multiple indi's" addition to get working next, and then quite a few auto calculations to sort.<br >Finally, after a clean-up of all my code, I will need at least 2 weeks of thorough testing by Stephen and Kiwi-pgv to be absolutely sure.

    We are nearly there, please give me a few more weeks with your patience.



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