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Gilles W.
  • Gilles W.

    Gilles W. - 2010-04-04


    I'm using Firefox.

    When I go to, I'm redirected to a french page telling me that I can go to the French Wiki or to the english homepage.
    When I click on the english webpage link, I'm still redirected to the french webpage.

    Is it normal ?

    The french webpage should be deleted, as the Wiki is not up to date (the main writer is dead, Elliott1961 on wiki)…
    And there is a problem with the wiki : for example "Guide d'installation" ( is protected and is blank and I can't revert to a normal one… (I'm Draky on wiki)

    Any clue about something that can be done ?

  • Lester Caine

    Lester Caine - 2010-04-04

    It's working fine for me on SeaMonkey
    Try using the 'Engish' link bottom left and see if that clears the language selection.

  • Laurie

    Laurie - 2010-04-06

    It is sad to hear of the passing of Elliott1961.  Elliott1961 was looking after the French version of the Wiki for me as I can neither speak nor read the language.   So if we are to continue to have a French Wiki, I need someone to come forward and say they will keep an eye on it for spam etc.

    At this time the French version of the Wiki has somewhere between 45 - 90 hits a day - these all mainly come from France.  Not a lot but a group who appear to be using  it.

    Would anyone like to put there hand up to keep an eye on it please.


  • Jon48

    Jon48 - 2010-04-07


    Elliott1961 was indeed in charge of the Wiki and of the French forum ( Since his death, I've modestly taken over the technical administration of the forum (member jojo48).

    I know the wiki is not up-to-date, but as you mention, I still believe there are enough French users to keep it, and I would be happy to keep an eye on it, and try to update it (and I would accept any help on it).



  • Jon48

    Jon48 - 2010-07-17


    Following this discussion, would it be possible for me to get the "administrative" rights for the French Wiki, at least enough rights to be able to approve locked pages changes and left column content. Some links are now out-of-date and I would like to update them.


    Administrator of


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