• David Kendall

    David Kendall - 2009-10-01

    I've been trying out the PGV 4.1.7 demo (my server has PHP4), and I'm very impressed with how easy it was to get my data from FTM 2009 and back.

    If you use FTM's export to GEDCOM feature, it doesn't include the FILE tags.

    But FTM 2009 has an "upload to ancesty" feature. It creates a ".gedz" file which is a zipped GEDCOM file with FILE tags intact and the corresponding image files included (in the zip root).

    You can cancel the FTM upload to Ancestry, rename the file to "" then upload the GEDCOM file to PGV, un-zip the image files to the PGV media folder, and then have PGV generate thumbnails.

    To go in the other direction, you generate a GEDCOM file in PGV (then change the 5.5.1 version tag to 5.5), copy the image files from the media folder to the same folder as the GEDCOM, then import it into FTM 2009, which copies the image files and links them properly.

    The icing on the cake would be for PGV to import and export ".gedz" zipped GEDCOM files automatically!

    Cheers, and thanks!


  • Anonymous - 2009-10-01

    Interesting. You should raise a Feature Request (Under 'Trackers' above) for the addition of .gedz import.

    On the subject of running 4.1.7, you should really put some pressure on your web host to upgrade from php4 (or find a better host). At PGV ver 4.2.2 there are already many many enhancements that you will never see; and later versions will add still more, some of which are VERY good additions. These are not going to be ported backwards to 4.1.7 or any version running on php4.

  • David Kendall

    David Kendall - 2009-10-01

    Thanks. I missed that link.

    Unfortunately, my web host is myself, and I have a ton of stuff that I'd need to upgrade on my server if I were up go to PHP5. It's on my todo list, and I'll get to it when all the other fires are out.

  • David Kendall

    David Kendall - 2009-10-01

    Incidentally, my post contained an error, which I`ll correct in case future readers want to try this.

    When importing a PGV GEDCOM and images, FTM 2009 version links to the images in the folder where you put them, and ignores its own setting to copying them to the FTM media folder. This is a bug in FTM 2009.

    The workaround is to locate and name the folder where FTM would put its media folder for the new tree. For example, if your tree will be "C:\files\MyTree.ftm" then put the GEDCOM and images in a folder named "C:\files\MyTree Media" before you do the import.



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